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  1. That’s just an ocean doggo, should have booped the snoot

  2. I just say “I work for the town of ____.” And then proceed to change the subject or ask then what they do.

  3. Why does this remind me of the bar from the Simpsons

  4. Beat me to it, I thought it was Moe outside

  5. I had to look up an image of the bar, and I know it doesn’t quite look the same, but it just has that vibe.

  6. I don’t know; Guy (now retired) on my department used to wear a Euro style helmet and was constantly shit on for it especially by guys in surrounding communities. He always seemed to be in pictures. That being said he was kind of an ass hat so moral of the story is, don’t be an ass hat. Wear what you want, just make sure you excel at your position.

  7. Good thing he’s wearing his gloves though 👌🏻🤌🏻

  8. I feel full asf after eating a plate of pasta with garlic bread..

  9. Watch Stockton Fire departments YouTube channel. They have a ton of great fire content. Some of the best to do it in my opinion.

  10. Baptism (immersion in water) is absolutely necessary for salvation, but Catholics don't baptize, they pour water on you which is not baptism.

  11. That’s just one study of many that propose similar outcomes in favour of biological factors. I find it interesting that you’ll more readily accept genetics as a factor when it comes to addictive behaviour but less so when it comes to homosexuals. Myself, I look at the scientific methodology and if it’s valid then I let that inform my opinion until new research suggests otherwise. But that said I am scientifically trained.

  12. I don’t readily accept addiction as genetics. You missed my point entirely. Some would argue that I would have no choice to be an addict or an alcoholic because of my genes, and I think that’s hogwash. I think it’s a cop-out to say it’s a disease. Something people have to constantly maintain like cancer or diabetes. This is coming from someone who’s been to meetings , had a sponsor , done the twelve steps. I don’t identify as a addict or alcoholic like the rooms want me to. I am a sinner who was in need of a savior.

  13. And again to be clear; I have and will always treat my fellow sinner with kindness and grace. Just like God has done with me.

  14. I wouldn’t exclude anyone from entering the congregation. We are all sinners , and all fall short of the glory of God. That doesn’t mean we get to rewrite Gods design for marriage, sinners or not. It is his design, therefore man has no right to change it.

  15. I’m not sure where you live, but here in the northeast, I have yet to see a church where the “gays aren’t welcome.” We’ve had a several come through the doors of my church, and were always welcomed with open arms, just like any other sinner. Wether or not they liked hearing Gods word preached boldly and accurately Or not is a different story. But they are treated the same as anyone else. Gods word is sharper than any two edged sword, and it never turns back void.

  16. Can we start to shame these people more in hopes that they will stop making the fire service look like a bunch of tards ?

  17. Somehow I doubt people are going to judge the US based on Germany’s firefighters

  18. I don't recall Jesus ever mentioning it.

  19. He does though. He roots his teaching of marriage from the book of Genesis; between a man and a woman. Plain and simple.

  20. Im pretty sure he’s doing goofy dances on tik tok now

  21. Was listening to some old hyenas episodes recently. I miss the boys.

  22. Guess that depends on what you are looking for / what your skill set is. Most departments here are combination, meaning you’ll likely need and advanced emt license and will be riding an ambulance a lot. Unless you get on Manchester or Concord ( I’m not sure if concord has their guys running med calls or not), be prepared to be running and tech-ing a lot of med calls.

  23. I thought they did I wasn’t sure. Last I knew they were making medics tech everything .

  24. Just wondering, how similar to NREMT was it? Would you expect someone who scores about 100% on each practice assessment to do well on the real test?

  25. I would say you will do just fine, especially if you are getting 100% in every field. Did you download all of the questions? There’s like 700 of them you can purchase. The NREMT can be difficult IF you don’t take a moment to actually read the questions. They like to use unique wording that a lot of people just breeze right past without realizing.

  26. I have 690 questions in my set. Thanks for the input, I noticed that too.

  27. I assume you’ll be taking it soon. If so good luck.

  28. I wouldn’t say you have to act or train as if you’ve never done anything before, because what you have learned in the past might be of some help to your new crew; you never know. I think the whole idea behind it isn’t to walk in like you own the place with a been there, done that attitude. You have some knowledge which can be of value. Just don’t be a dick about it.

  29. Look up the Stockton Fire department on YouTube. They are as skillfully aggressive as they come.

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