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  1. Don’t get me wrong. I know the joke and it’s funny but just doesn’t work here

  2. My guy just forget about it, it ain’t that deep

  3. I remember this event was Halloween, I was in Germany with friends and just grinded the hell out of the event to get this pikachu. Got bot a 100iv and a shiny. They are my favorite

  4. I mean not to be that negative Nancy or complain but just even comparing the prices of the go fest ticket compared to the 0.99$ of the community day is kinda crazy

  5. That’s how I felt too!!! I got 29 shiny deinos and 2 shiny Mewtwo!!! I got only 9 during regular hours and 22 during 2-7pm, but still… I NEVER got this many shinies during a community day. (I only started playing in March of 2021)

  6. I’m a player since 2016 but took like 2017-2019 off cause I don’t know it didn’t captivate me too stay on it, but ngl I think you’re right cause I’ve participated in most community days even the December ones which are a mashup of the yearly ones and yet nothing. The official events like go fest have been declining and to be fair I have paid for the 1$ community day research but this one was insane, I was able to trade off many Hydreigons to friends and still had these many left. It is what it is… Niantic will still keep me coming back cause Pokémon was basically my childhood

  7. The only stupidity was yours believing you could go cycling in Qatar in the public roads instead of compound as or an area like aspire

  8. No. Cycling lanes exist everywhere alongside vehicle lanes nowadays in most developed, advanced cities.

  9. And yet were talking about Qatar and their drivers. You can’t just compare “most developed, advanced cities” Qatar is its own country with its own issues and developments. You plan to also tell me you’d go cycling on the streets where its a regular to have people disregard basic speeding laws and swerve onto you irrelevant to you being a 4x4, a coupe or a cyclist. But good luck on cycling even in these temps, if you’re going to cycle then more power to you

  10. Congrats, Melmetal is an awesome hundo Pokémon

  11. I’m in Spain, I’m unsure of the trading distances, would this be enough distance to trade or not?

  12. Last time i think they increased it to 40km if i remember correctly. So sadly no, even 10x that wouldn't be enough.

  13. Alright sounds good have a nice day

  14. Nice one that's a good brag, I've just started trying to get my mega levels up!

  15. Isn’t it the pre made one that says ‘can mega evolve?’ Or am I not understanding your question properly?

  16. Nope that is completely correct, I am blind lol. Thank you

  17. Some kids in this comment section have clearly been dropped as babies. If you customize them show them off, and ignore all the “OmG sCaLpErS hArD tO fInD” literal kids just complaining about anything just because they can

  18. It was 25 for me and I completely agree with all your points. Shits sad

  19. I mean I got more shiny mons for free on the community days adventuring less instead of all the walking I did for the go fest plus the purchased ticket. Still had fun tho

  20. Wtf are these numbers lmao, I’ve walked from 10-6 and only got 6 today

  21. I drove to different hotspots and walked a few miles, I figured I would get more, and are you talking about my 55 last go fest or the 13 today??

  22. Both lmao, I’m currently in a Uni complex and have gyms and stops galore and yesterday walked since 10 am until 1730 with the occasional stop to drink and cool off but I guess rng is insane. At least I’m having fun i suppose

  23. Got one in my language in the souq

  24. I just got my very first shiny! Was 2 minutes into spotlight hour, Magikarp. Have been catching Magikarp all week and no shiny

  25. Awesome catch, I really like the red gyarados

  26. Odds for wild shiny pokemon is usually around 1/512. I don't know if any of the current ones are boosted for the event but I'd say you're probably not unlucky. not yet anyway.

  27. Damn I thought it was 1/450, well either way thanks for the info

  28. I don’t wanna be that guy, but you ain’t exactly killing anyone so maybe get down from the chopa?

  29. Today I did three 5 Star raids and out of the 15 total people I had 4 not send invites and then another 4 not join the actual raid when invited

  30. Is anyone having problems redeeming the character collections on switch or is that just me? It’s telling me that the content hasn’t been released yet. Am I doing something wrong?

  31. He said can not, so he’s right, you’re wrong 😑

  32. Got 108 dittos and an astounding 0 shiny

  33. Have tried and no one seemed to be interested

  34. Celebrations, Shining Fates, Champion's Path, Hidden Fates are all examples of special sets.

  35. Thank you again, I appreciate the info

  36. Damn why does it sound like when a mii from wii sports swings at a golf ball…..only me?

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