1. OP this is a random question which won’t help you (apologies in advance) but I would really like to know what that drop down curtain with a peacock motif is in the 4th picture and where one can get it. 🙏

  2. Hey so I got the image from Myntra so I don't know. But ig it's a sticker on the wall. Maybe you can try a Google lens search on it?

  3. does it leave white streaks when water falls on ur face?

  4. I don't recommend getting it from Dhani. You may get a shady product

  5. I did, but I think it's kinda different from the one I got from 1mg

  6. Update - i started using l ascorbic powder frm amazon. I mix it with ha serum frm suganda which i got it in offer. Its working pretty well. No need of spending our money on vit c serum. Powdered form is better but we need to preserve it properly in a tight container to avoid spillage and getting oxidised

  7. Hey can you please tell in detail how you use it, which brand's l ascorbic acid powder and your skin type?

  8. Vaha pe toh oily hote hai kabhi kabar 😬

  9. You asked the original commentor and not anyone else but since you're trying to figure out career paths, I hope they will be okay with me butting in. If you wish to make 7 figures (i.e., upwards of 10 lakhs per annum immediately after graduation) you can also consider going for law (B.A.LLB, BBA.LLB integrated program). People from these courses (including myself) get hired by top corporate law firms in India and I'm currently making 16 LPA straight out of college with no PQE. Within 4 years I'll be above 30-35 LPA and what's better- since I'm on a retainer and not an employee, I pay lower taxes. For the first couple years I'll be getting the entire TDS refunded.

  10. Hellu can I pls dm you? I'm a last year law student and need some help

  11. Getting procedures done by a dermat. Otc products won't help, except maybe tret, for which again you need to go to a dermat

  12. Can you recommend me a good sunscreen for dry skin🥺🥲

  13. What would you recommend for tiny bumps??? Salicylic acid face wash or niacinamide serum???

  14. Seems like perioral dermatitis. Ig it can also be caused due to b12 deficiency, drooling, etc. A dermat on yt can help w this ig

  15. You don't need a toner. Use a sunscreen w spf 30 or higher in the am. Washing your face three times is too much imho, stick to washing it twice a day- other members can chip in on this. If mamaearth is working out fine for you, you can continue using it

  16. I think it is a very interesting question. Unfortunately, the answer is not so simple as there are several factors around it.

  17. Unrelated but can someone recommend product to lighten pigmentation on hands.. I have quite dark hands as compared to face and other areas. Thanks!

  18. Afaik onion helps w hairfall bcos it contains sulphur, but it helps only w a certain type of alopecia. It doesn't treat all types of hairfall

  19. Dersol 6 has salicylic acid 6 %.

  20. Any suggestions for retinoid? I have never used actives so want to start with low percentage

  21. I haven't used retinoids either. Best option would be to go to a dermat and speak w her regarding tret

  22. My ex told me about a place she goes to and told me to never tell anyone because it's supposed to be the best kept secret among local mumbai girls. Women really don't want other women to get as good a deal as they get, unless they're very close friends.

  23. The ones for spot treatment? Nadibact (Nadofloxacin) and Faceclin (clindamycin and niacinamide) are antibiotics which my derm prescribed. SA is salicylic acid, eg, SOS gel from Oriflame. But I switched to a generic SA from Pharma (Dersol 3%) which is much cheaper but it's too soon to know if it works.

  24. Hey, I ended up using it for two purposes:

  25. Thank you so much, I was looking to use it as an exfoliant for the entire face too. Is 6% sa safe to use on skin tho?

  26. Why do you want Derma Co if you can get better products there tho

  27. Only 1% niacinamide and I bet the amount of centella asiatica in this is only going to be for namesake. Apart from that, fungus after a month ✨. Nobody really knows the efficacy of their sunscreens. So no ✨

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