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Dad seeing his children’s red hair for the first time with enChroma glasses

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  1. Swedish blood donors receive a text whenever their blood is used to help someone.

  2. I hope the donors of the blood that have saved my life 4 times know how appreciative I am of their donation.

  3. Go looking for my unborn baby, let em know how much they are loved.

  4. Also, ironic that the pro-life (i.e., anti-choice) people have no problem with threatening a 5-month old. What did they call that again? Oh yeah, a "post-birth abortion."

  5. Anyone's threat of violence towards children is utterly abhorrent.

  6. If someone threw a brick through my car window, well, they'd be lucky to have the ability to speak.

  7. I'd fucking eat every last one of them peaches holy shit

  8. I've purchased the mantra bracelets from FFF before - I've been happy with those, but I pass on all non sterling silver jewelry because I'm not interested in low-key costume jewelry that'll tarnish, turning my skin green...

  9. Not much beyond emotional support in all blatant honesty. You can't force them into treatment.

  10. Yelling/ screaming into your partner's face, let alone doing so at all towards your partner, is not okay and it's not healthy.

  11. Also, pushing your Schizophrenic partner into an episode is NOT acceptable.

  12. Yea I qualified at 36. I can't have more than $20,000 in assets or I'm disqualified for medicaid which overs the 20% of medical costs medicare doesn't pay. Forget ever getting married. I get $1000 a month.

  13. Yeah, I gave up on the notion of ever getting married as an individual dependent upon government disability benefits. The entire system is fucked.

  14. Isn’t the really fucked up part about disability is some people aren’t allowed to EVER have more than I think $2-3000 in the bank or they become disqualified?

  15. And the process for qualifying after applying for SSI/SSDI can take longer than a year, and if you work during that time period then you're disqualified for disability benefits and can be automatically denied.

  16. Exactly! I'm terrified of what the internet has become, unfortunately, and I'm not sure how to guard my children from the wild depths of this newer social media beast that is the "internet", because it's now integrated into our public schooling systems - starting at near kindergarten; it's inescapable...

  17. Her legal team screwed the pooch as hard as anyone I've ever seen, it was cringeworthy to watch them fail in real time.

  18. It was atrocious, they appeared on national television as highly unprofessional and absolutely inept. That's on Amber for hiring THE worst legal representative team.

  19. I'm colorblind and these types of glasses don't work for me, at the very least, but micro dosing acid made colors more vibrant 🤷

  20. 8 years and two children later: can confirm.

  21. You're going to be okay, I know it's difficult to calm one's mind during a bought of anxiety, but as long as you don't fuck with your surgical wounds - you're going to heal okay. I've had a few surgeries and a baby, and while yes the anxiety about our surgical sites is legitimate - it's something that only time can heal.

  22. I find it amusing that the general public views moms who use ordered medication, Medical Cannabis, as degens when no one bats an eye over drunken wine moms... Completely forgetting the fact that Medical Cannabis is MEDICATION ORDERED BY A PHYSICIAN.

  23. I was on the bus after work yesterday and there were 2 guys who started chatting to each other next to me.

  24. They think it's acceptable because they're surrounded by enablers. Also because they more than likely have yet to have a real, serious, long-term relationship with a woman (where they in turn learn that women aren't a separate species or objects to put on pedestals).

  25. I was at Disney World. Fireworks show was about to start. My family ended up next to this Italian family. Italian dad was acting like he was some Mafia Don. He was talking loudly about how much money he spent to get his family there. Some guy bumped his son and he started acting as I he was going to have him whacked. I got the impression a real Mafia Don would not talk so loudly

  26. Not even a chance, I have an uncle that likes to pretend he's mafia because he's from Jersey and the dumb mf thinks that having a forced Jersey accent in the south makes him intimidating... That and never buttoning his boat shirts... Overall he's an unlikeable goon.

  27. Yeah, I worked FOH & BOH at FOH pay rate at a great brewery that, with new management, tanked in less than 5 months.

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