German soldier from the first world war

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  1. It’s amazing that anyone would still suggest war as a reasonable solution. Millions of years of evolution and history to learn from and somehow the human race still haven’t gotten rid of violence as a political tool.

  2. But everytime a human kills another human slower them the human race get smarter. He pass on his genes and his slow adversary dies out. Every wars is Darwins in effect, only the fittest survive

  3. I'm not sure this was always true in the past, and not now either.

  4. I watch that movie like once a year, love it. Yes we don't do as much hand to hand combat. It about how well you can work to gather, working together to get the best technology, thus out thinking your advisory.

  5. This is going to be a thing for me now Hoosier Hill Farm EASY Daddy Mac Mix, JUST ADD WATER, Contains Real Butter and Milk, No Artificial Colors, Gluten Free, Made in the USA (1 lb)

  6. Cheese power then a dash of the pork flavor before I mixed

  7. I have that exact same aioli. Was it good? This looks like something I’d do

  8. Just do it to taste, a little at a time.

  9. Yes it was good try it.

  10. Under the broiler for 2 minutes after a rapped the dog

  11. https://c.tenor.com/lYSBVfFJK80AAAAC/scary-movie-stuffing.gif

  12. Chili from a can, over weenies from a package, on top of buns from a bag.

  13. I used dry onions it in the pic.

  14. Sadly my rush hour 3 lasted 1 minute 20 secs.

  15. Did it dud out or go faster?

  16. I got rush hour for the first time this year! It was amazing definitely worth it

  17. Yeah thinking could you make a small show with a case, I over lapped the video 4 times.

  18. https://youtu.be/mMS4WzW524Y

  19. https://youtu.be/pEjz6dsSDL8

  20. WTF is wrong with the US, jailing so many people for so many things? It's a national disgrace.

  21. Because you have rights until you commit a crime, once you a felon, you are a slave.

  22. Logan's Run // The Road

  23. The video all I see is anorexia

  24. No A No T No Thanks!

  25. i mentioned in a comment that i took it apart because everyone made me realize how much of a bad idea it was.

  26. I saw someone do this on you tube, but i would not do this either

  27. I think they may have more Neanderthals Gene's

  28. Nan everyone should 3 kids, if you don't have equal balance of intelligence vs non-intelligence, you end up in a dark age.

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