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  1. Rimworld. Steep learning curve but once you understand it, the game is hugely addictive. I've got 400 hours and it doesn't feel like it

  2. Janky. Uglier then Guggimon, and Guggimon is already bottom tier. Not a coincidence they're from the same brand or whatever

  3. Janky and Guggimon are designer toys and look awesome

  4. Houldn't he just have a revolver on his arm instead of the chain crossbow he used sometimes? Look up chain revolver or belt fed revolver(pretty cool ideas)

  5. For future reference, don't render as a video in DAZ- so much can go wrong and you'll lose everything. Instead- render as a series of images and stitch it together later.

  6. This may come off as dumb but , I was afraid to do that because I figured it would literally put each individual 590 frames as still images in my render folder, and I wasn't sure if that would be too large or what, or if it's saved as like it's own compressed little folder within the render folder. Also is there any free decent software you'd recommend for doing the stitching together ?

  7. It will put each image in there separately in a regular folder. A top notch, free editing program is Davinci Resolve. There's a free version and a pro version. Just get the free version. The pro has features you just won't need. When you're importing the still images, there will probably be a checkbox in the import window that you can check if you want to import all the images as an image sequence. It may do it automatically, I kind of forget. Anyways, if there's a box for that, make sure it's checked and Resolve will import all the images at once and treat the image sequence as though it was a movie.

  8. Ragsy is a very Halloween esc so wait until October and I'm sure they'll show up again

  9. Well it was last seen May and has a new edit style so it's possible but I'm almost certain it'll come back in October regardless

  10. Why did you do and on and off lol

  11. Yeah they could've easily done a three pack of the main characters or done Jonesy as an Agent or something

  12. My brain is so fucking diluted from morbius that I was gonna ask "don't you mean morbius?" Unironically

  13. This is really great work!! I love the pose and the lighting is great, but it’s a bit hard to make him out entirely. Maybe a subtle fill light to sharpen his outline would help, or some photo rendering just to bump the highlights a bit. Regardless, this is awesome!

  14. There seems to be some quality issues depending where I post and for that i'm sorry, it looks fine before posting

  15. FortniteBR try and have an intelligent conversation for once in your life challenge (impossible)

  16. Yours. I have my own personal opinions on the skin but it has nothing to do with the post so I don't get why half the comments ignore the video and just spam that the skins ugly, or just tell you to get good as if an smg is supposed to work that good at that range

  17. How come out of all of those catching fish is somehow the least time consuming

  18. Why would anyone defend anybody? If he was a real man he’d stand by his work. If he was a pedophile and having relations with a fast teenage girl then shame on that coward.

  19. Well they weren't just family and even if they were, what do you mean "get it on?" She's a child. He raped her

  20. Imagine not even having any female friends to do the voice acting for this meme.

  21. Because the default glider is what you have when you own nothing... its default. When you win a game you are rewarded an umbrella as its own cosmetic

  22. Dire, because werewolves are just cool like that

  23. I like how this got 3k upvotes but every comment says otherwise

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