1. If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask, and I will answer them as best I can!

  2. I'm going to consider it this way unless the writers just made an oopsie and accidentally used the wrong pronouns.

  3. I think your daughter will love Sherb! His house is adorable, he always gives great gifts, he never fights with anyone, he's a lazy villager. I always have him in my island ❤️

  4. I would actually love a free option that is a neutral choice 🤷🏻‍♀️. I'm sick and tired of seeing the free choices being that mc has to be insulting, rude, or that we are hurting our matches. Also... Not everyone WANTS to pick the gem version! Especially when it comes to intimacy. Can we just Netflix and chill, but LITERALLY NETFLIX AND CHILL?

  5. Ok two of those matches look like the same guy and that's just lazy c'mon mechat.

  6. No not really. You're going to end up with everyone eventually lol

  7. Omg they do!!! But i couldn't match with any of them. You should see the females too 🔥

  8. That would be great! But wouldn't they want to put them into the premium spot first? Like they have been doing with future matches? They appeared to me as if they were available and theyre not yet advertised as future matches 🤔

  9. Let me tell you the whole conversation had me really in tears! I really love MC in David/Johnny route!

  10. Give it a try. It’s the personification of a cat and it’s spot on. It’s gets good toward the end

  11. While i get that towards the end he was very sweet. I'm not going to disregard that he was a complete asshole for 90% of the story. Maybe i just can't stand the fact that MC just allowed him to use them to the point where their whole life revolves around this very ungrateful cat🤨. I really don't understand why this character is getting a pass for literally being abusive. It doesn't matter how hot he is! It doesn't matter if he was abused himself, It doesn't fucking matter if he's part cat. How is it a personification of a cat to kick the person that saved his life out their home? How is it that they want to lash out and attack their owner and friends because they're jealous and don't know how to behave? Like... He's also half man Soo he should know better. Also the ending fucking suck. Gonna have me endure all that cat's bullshit just to run away again. 🙄 It's way too toxic to the point where it's up there with Rey/Clayton toxic and abusive. Just calling it how it is 🤷🏻‍♀️

  12. Because I'm still recovering from all the emotional abuse he put mc thru...

  13. Am i the asshole for hiding the fact that i was smashing my boss's wife, and got her pregnant! But i still want my girlfriend to stay in the relationship with me and basically help me raise my love child?

  14. Seth Woods and forget the name of the cp. And correction the baby wasn't his !

  15. I didn't even finish his story lol. I was so appalled by how MC was willing to allow him to continue lying to them. I was over it but i guess that's a good ending? 🤷🏻‍♀️

  16. Wasn't this the part where they smashed just to get it out of their system 🤔 like it was supposed to be like a one and done deal? That's why he's heartbroken because it was meant to just quench their thirst for each other, bit it ended up being because they really do have feelings for each other? I did enjoy their route the petty back and forth was hilarious and entertaining to me, but he was really sweet taking care of MC when they got sick and opening up about himself. 🥺 Also love when MC has a backbone. Not being an asshole themselves but not afraid to put them in their place when they need it.

  17. I was on the same boat as you before I played him, but in all seriousness he's one of the best matches in the game. Yes he comes off as arrogant at first, but it's not really that bad🙄. His story is actually really deep, and very emotional. You can understand at first his distrust and even hatred for humans, and let's be clear. MC gets sassy with him plenty of times. They help him, but they don't just put up with his disrespect either. It really does turn into a sweet romance with perfect pacing. The 🌻hype is very real and deserving,

  18. As someone who's 4'9ft, it confuses me when someone makes a big deal about height difference 🤷🏻‍♀️ i personally prefer really tall men as well. I also don't look like a child either. This is basically something that j can relate to. I get more offended/creeped out when it's female characters that's teen in their teen years and the male love interest are almost 30... That's the real issue 😣

  19. He's actually a really good friend. I'm sorry i wasn't that fond of Felix in general. I know he's a cat, i know he's been abused, but i was really tired of seeing mc getting treated like a doormat 🙄. The ending while sweet kinda left me very disappointed as well 🤷🏻‍♀️. Also Rafael is so fine too lol.

  20. Adonis is a sugar Daddy and basically a Daddy Dom. If you don't mind the "Baby" and "Daddy" talk it's quite spicy 😉. Prem is also surprisingly pretty dominant in the intimate parts of the dates. I'm VERY much enjoying Tobias 😘 he's the match that does shibari. Those would be my pics.

  21. Haven't finished the first one yet but Kai had me wanting to throw my phone out the window by the end. Now with the first match idk if it's only me, but I'm already not trusting him because of how extra he has been in the beginning lol

  22. Damn was kinda looking forward to him too. Also for that very rude commenter up there. I as well am disappointed that he's not being for free. Also if you're tired of seeing people complain on whether they want to spend their money however they see fit. Because no one else is going to give them money... Then why don't you just roll your eyes and continue scrolling to the next post🤷🏻‍♀️ I understand that mechat also needs to get paid and all that stuff, but also not everyone can afford it, and there's no problem playing free games. In fact alit of free games tend to be better or more entertaining then those expensive ones.

  23. Well now I feel bad. I hear the MC is an insensitive dick to them because we cross boundaries and push limits. Plus he doesn't look happy in this picture so it looks like we're forcing him to do something he doesn't want to do.

  24. I played his route and you feel really gross about it too... I understand how having extreme phobia feels like, and how being pushed can make you have a panic attack. MC is just not understanding the word "NO". She also gets upset when he's at his limit and she basically acts like she got blue balls and acts like an entitled c*nt! It's really unfortunate because he's a sweet guy, and really tries to get over his phobia FOR MC 🤮

  25. I'm having the same issues with his storyline. It's like Hector but way worse, I get that the writers have to put some drama and add some ✨ sparkles ✨ to "resemble" a cats personality, but that got tiring FAST.

  26. Im so sick and fucking tired of mechat wardrobe choices for these male characters... I can respect the fact that there are men that enjoy dressing more flamboyant or feminine, but NOT EVERY ONE OF THEM!! i would appreciate just some regular clothes! An actual shirt and not a cropped top with some extra tight jeans. Just some basic ass, normal ass, boring ass outfit PLEASE! 😫

  27. the cropped top tho hahaha ummm the cop with the VERY LOW back??? lmao wtf is that

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