1. As an Indonesian I can confirm this.

  2. Or charge more to have a slightly better view and make the poor people feel crappier

  3. AMC executives are furiously scribbling and taking notes.

  4. I think AT&T is the worst merger ever. Everyone blamed Zaslas but he is just a janitor who has the job to clean up the mess.

  5. They lost 2.5M subs was the talking point. They need more variety. It’s basically Marvel or Star Wars series.

  6. 5B at the Box Office and it’s second theme park attraction. Not bad for something nobody wants.

  7. I'm pretty sure this falls under "cultural impact"

  8. Funny how that inflation never extends to their employees wages

  9. There was no increase of wages for executives. They also were able to hold off of overall ticket price increases while in this time of inflation.

  10. While CEO bonus outpace inflation.

  11. Only if it contains catchy songs.

  12. I remember just last week someone said that Avatar TWoW might not pass JW 😁

  13. It's 2023 now but I'm surprised that it got a release considering that it's literally already on streaming

  14. Then why don't they give release to Black Adam now when they gave Wakanda release?

  15. And on this sub, it seems the majority have no idea that Pathaan exists. So Hollywood-centric.

  16. I don't know. I posted news about Pathaan almost on daily basis

  17. I don’t necessarily need Iger to win. I just need Peltz, a Perlmutter’s crony, to lose.

  18. I know this is not a popular opinion to have but I don’t think the Avatars can be put in the same category as Titanic. Yes, they’ve made a crap ton of money and had good box office runs but I just don’t think their cultural legacy can be compared to Titanic.

  19. Let me check what sub we are in.

  20. Okay, I mean, Titanic’s box office run was still more impressive than Avatar and Avatar 2. And that’s before you add all the other stuff like Academy Awards, media sales, the soundtrack etc.

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