1. My partner had two FtM at their (all girls) school in the mid-00s. No one cared and everyone was supportive. That's the case IRL but online they're seeing people steadily being more abusive to them if they mention they are FtM. Mainly people whose brains ahve been broken in culture wars.

  2. I went to a mixed school. My best friend in 2015 came out publicly as MtF and was beaten to absolute hell by bullies in school (age 16/17). I was genuinely scared one day someone would kill her. She was treated terribly, bullied every day, and “jumped” whenever she was alone. She was then expelled from the school for “causing” the trouble and told her demands (wanting to wear the female uniform instead of male) were unreasonable and making people hurt her. It was horrific.

  3. Some months I make £1K and other months I make £0 so… it’s why I’m aiming to hopefully move to a salaried job instead of freelance.

  4. Show the sketches, process design and what decisions you made to design the character to show your thought process and what designs worked vs didn’t. Show turnarounds and call outs for other people (eg 3D artists) to use further down the pipeline. Show in game perspective work to demonstrate you understand how the player will view the character. Show how the player interacts with their character and what game genre they are in (eg move sets, movement, props etc).

  5. My teacher taught me the 70/20/10 rule as an extension of big medium small. now, whenever I feel like something doesn’t feel right, I check of it matches this rule (which it usually doesn’t) and once I adjust to match it always looks so much better.

  6. Can you expand on what the 70/20/10 rule is? I tried to google it and what came up didn’t really match the context here

  7. I was studying character design and we applied the rule to all parts of a character. The exact ratio/numbers could be fudged a bit (also I have discalculia and can’t count so whatever), but it was just to capture the general big medium small effect and be able to see it quicker to adjust.

  8. For more advice regarding this kind of topic please check out

  9. Facing a similar issue. I built a free online seamless pattern editor and when I post it in some larger subs like this one my post isn't seen by anyone. Could it be AutoMod blocking your posts due to low community karma?

  10. I've just checked your account. Your post was automatically removed by our subreddit because of low karma and also because it is advertising a product or service which is not allowed in our subreddit. You should have received a message via modmail regarding this, but I apologise if it didn't come through. You are welcome to link to your editor in the "share your art business" thread in

  11. Well I have nowhere else to vent this, but I've posted the same reel on IG twice now. It flopped the first time (literally zero interactions) so I deleted it. This time it got a grand total of 2 likes :)

  12. Aw man that sucks. Have you tried YouTube shorts or tik tok? I’ve seen them recommended a lot as a way to use the same editing work but on 3 platforms.

  13. I'm actually doing best with non-video format on platforms like Twitter and Reddit, so I might just buckle down there. I made a Tiktok and that was a total flop as well. The thing is I sculpt. Maybe that's just not a popular enough art form unless people see a video of me sculpting, which I don't plan to film. My videos so far have been turnarounds of my sculpts or gimmicky stuff like painting a bit then zooming out of the sculpt, which actually did best, but I super don't enjoy making that kind of stuff.

  14. Ah fair enough. I’m glad you’re finding success with other things instead. Good luck <3

  15. I want to get back into doing them regularly, but I’ve been struggling to fit them in. I think I need to change them from a warm up to a cool down exercise, because I’m more of an evening person than a morning person. Plus it means I can get important stuff out of the way first so I’m not worrying about “I should be doing x instead” while doing them.

  16. oh that's a good idea . I think that is something i should've done. Would be better to do the creative piece first during the day and end the session off with gestures.

  17. Yes! I think it’s so often recommended as a warm up that I forget we can just do things differently if we don’t like it lol!

  18. I’m UK based as well. I’ve been thinking about joining New Masters Academy after some recommendations from art friends and just deep diving on some fundamentals courses on there.

  19. A day at most, and it’s rare, unless if I’m very sick or something. Art takes priority over basically everything else in my life.

  20. Discord links are automatically removed in this subreddit. We have a new community Google sheet in our

  21. I did check out the community google sheet, but I didn't see any discords there. But good to know that discord links would be removed.

  22. Yeah, it’s basically brand new. I was hoping that anyone who saw this comment would then go and add their link there. Hopefully it will get better once people start learning about it.

  23. Hey, wanting to get right into recreating my favorite pieces. What is the process? People talk about grids and proportions. Please give a quick guide on how to recreate an already made piece of art. Thank you.

  24. The term which will help you most is “master study”. There are so many different ways to approach it depending on your personal preference and past art training. Grid method is one, sight size and ratios is another, or using your pencil to draw lines directly across from the master to your copy.

  25. Making some changes to some behinds the scenes things in the sub today.

  26. I’ve noticed a lot of people have moved over to discord. Personally i really struggle with discord because it triggers my social anxiety in a way other places don’t, but it seems good for fandom based art because you know everyone in the group is a fan of the same thing.

  27. I’ve always really admired wlop and guweiz. I enjoy their use of light and value to create depth and mood which is something I would like to get better at.

  28. I did the same thing but only for weather and time of day years ago to encourage me to not just draw the same thing every time and completely forgot about it. Thank you for the reminder (and ideas for more things to add!)

  29. Sorry this happened and thank you for following our rules regarding not mentioning specifics, I appreciate it.

  30. Yep, I read the rules haha. The mods here have always been excellent, and I'm sorry to hear you've been having trouble with the tech side of modding lately! It shouldn't be that complicated but sometimes the tech is frustrating and wonky out of nowhere and becomes time-consuming :( Hope it smooths out soon for you guys.

  31. Thank you, I'm really glad you've had a good experience here <3

  32. It's going to be okay. Not being able to draw a fold doesn't mean the entire world is going to end. It sounds like you might need to step away for a second and take care of yourself before coming back to this as there's a lot of negative spiralling here that might be affecting your painting. Learning takes time, sometimes it's fast and sometimes it's slow, and everyone has a bad day here and there, it's alright.

  33. I think that people can do really interesting creative things even with subjects that are not original at all. Tropes, symbolism, archetypes etc.

  34. We had a massive situation in this sub years ago because some artists were getting repeatedly accused of tracing photos when they weren’t. This kind of stuff happens a lot, just different technologies getting accused every time.

  35. Great down-to earth answer, thank you. It is still pretty rare, but growing. It doesn't bother half as much as I may have implied, however, it's an interesting new challenge. All good for the ever urgent debate on what art is. Never a waste of time among intelligent folk.

  36. Glad it could help. I think that this is not an AI specific issue, but that AI is the hot button topic at the moment and there are strong emotions on all sides. That often leads to lashing out at others unfortunately.

  37. I agree with the irl suggestion. I have worked with a few small bands and it was all from irl meet-ups. In my local area there is a pretty big rock, metal and indie crowd and a lot of the bands and musicians know each other, so you can go to a local small gig at a venue, pub etc and meet a bunch and your name travels pretty fast if you do good work. There’s quite a range of art you can make too from product and album covers to branding and social media art and on stage displays or merch stall displays. I really enjoy working with musicians.

  38. If you don’t want to paint in grayscale but still want to check your values throughout: make a new layer on top, fill it with white, set to colour mode. Reveal it when you want to check and hide it when you are painting.

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