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  1. Oh yeah! I didn't even mention this... Here is my "pink" case after 7 months lol

  2. That's disgusting and an embarrassment for the product. Jeeze.

  3. What...Is this supposed to be? Some of them look like a hawk?

  4. a service called PS Now. It’s cloud streaming and isn’t running natively on the ps4 though.

  5. Purchase a phone unlocked from Apple and insert the Sim in your new phone

  6. Thank you. This is one of the few comments that actually answers the question without people slipping their relationship advice into it. No one here knows the type of relationship the poster has with their family.

  7. No worries, apologies for not being clear originally. I unintentionally phrased it in such a way that--upon second glance--I now realize it could've been taken as sincere instead of sarcastic.

  8. I believe there's a fun fact that a large pizza is more by area than 2 mediums, so I'd call whatever they have an absolute fuckton

  9. This isn't true. At all. I mean, your local pizza place might have weird numbers for their sizes, so it's theoretically possible that they happen to be "more pizza" for a large than two mediums, but using the standard isn't accurate to your statement.

  10. Oh please lord, if I could just get one clip of Seven Deadly Sins that is done well, I promise I'll stop being a good for nothing weeb and contribute to society.

  11. I currently have a 4XL and have been having a bunch of battery issues. Going from 70% to 10 to 0 within seconds, slightly swelling, and I'm about to replace the battery and get a pixel 6 pro.

  12. It's about $400 for a new one, and there's nothing wrong with my current one except the battery situation. I was just going to use it as an excuse to get the P6P, but it doesn't seem like quite enough of an upgrade to be worth it, with all the bugs.

  13. Oh my gosh I thought it was Freddi Fish too lmao. Nemo didn't even cross my mind.

  14. Hello there, one of the other five that care here :) Personally I didn't like the sin war trilogy by Kanaak, I feel it was missed opportunity for a great trilogy and it ended up being a lore justification for adding the nephalem concept later on in D3. But "Kingdom of Shadow" and "Moon of the Spider" by Kanaak are really good stories, and I really like the idea of books never telling the main story but rather being affected by the events of games and introducing us to unknown characters like Zayl.

  15. I've read all the books, and I liked the sin war trilogy! I liked both trilogies. Some books were definitely better than others.

  16. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patriot_Front

  17. They've literally got a road called "Coon Hill Road," pardon my language. Also if you look deeper it says possibly, not confirmed.

  18. Wow, took me five minutes of Googling to figure out why that was racist. I've never heard the term used that way before.

  19. Locked in a cage he didn’t even have keys for - as in totally effed should some emergency arise on the road. Those poor women sought voluntary mental health treatment. It’s absolutely infuriating.

  20. Sorry just for clarification, I don't think that it was voluntary, was it? The article even implies they were both involuntarily sent to the mental health facility. Did I misunderstand?

  21. They sought voluntary treatment and were committed by the mental health providers that they saw.

  22. No I don't believe anyone could've predicted this outcome I agree. What a farce.

  23. Holy shit I don't know why the "Okay...slap OKAY?!" in this context got me so good.

  24. The election is still 6 months away. That's plenty of time for people to throw their hat in the ring. Most countries' campaign season is like a month or two at most.

  25. I'm not arguing the validity of the Elon Musk fanboy, but I assume this is what they're referring to in some way or another?

  26. There is a new company I heard that is set out to change it.

  27. She's now developing a science-based, 100% dragon MMO. It's been 12 years since she started. She's almost ready to launch her beta-website now, and is using her 3D work as a base to create her 50+ concept images.

  28. My girlfriend just bought a RAV4, Toyota makes a really nice SUV. It's super roomy, comfortable to drive, & very reliable.

  29. Toyota makes great vehicles, love'em to death. Swapped to Lexus last year and it's the same. Such nice vehicles. Love the RX 450h.

  30. Lexus and Toyota are the same company, Lexus is just the luxury line

  31. You've never used a pencil sharpener, have you?

  32. Our elementary school just recently switched to mechanical pencils, and only teaches handwriting very minimally, most stuff is on computers now.

  33. I have pale skin that burns easily. I got a really bad sunburn before at the beach (like, I-looked-like-a-lobster level) and it took literally over a year for the tan lines to begin to noticeably fade.

  34. Oh no, that sounds awful... That's definitely not what I experience, I would also say that sounds more like an allergy or sensitivity to the sun (obligatory I am not a doctor).

  35. Damn. I'm cursed to suffer! Lol. Gets worse as it continues to get hotter and hotter/more sun exposure as the years go on.

  36. Like any good trial lawyer would tell you, don't ask questions you're not 100% sure of the answer to.

  37. "Would a kid sucking at your tit turn you on? Here, speak directly into the microphone here..."

  38. For a second I remembered she reluctantly pretended to support a bill that bans insider trading in congress, but now I forgot because I’m thinking about her other empty theatrics again.

  39. Reluctantly pretended to support it after vocally being against it. Lol.

  40. I feel like most of River's rare W moments come from stabbing Pred after he's tried to fuck with her haha

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