33 years ago today: Man stops convoy of tanks in China during democratic protests '89

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  1. All Old World monkeys, gibbons, and some chimpanzees have ‘sitting pads’ on their rears known as ischial callosities. Ischial relates to the ischium: it forms the lower and back part of the hip bone. The pads enable the monkeys to sleep sitting upright on thin branches, beyond reach of predators, without falling.

  2. Very smart yellow headed Amazon! Also very well trained to be in a loud setting like that.

  3. Commenting to come back when I have time to actually reply

  4. still close enough lol… i like moor park. like a good hour - hour and a half from dtla?

  5. Me too! The ojai hills and surrounding area up Ventura canyon is really beautiful. And there’s an awesome raptor center. Yeah I’d say it’s just about an hour from dtla !

  6. I saw one in my backyard about three weeks ago after looking off and on for years. Just popped out from some blackberry bushes, I saw it, then it saw me and it turned around and was gone. I feel lucky to have seen even that much! Such beautiful eyes!

  7. But hey, you got to see it and that’s what matters! Savor that moment that’s so cool and awesome! I’m hoping these critters stick around a little while, we have gophers aplenty in the gardens around here!

  8. this coloration of longtailed weasel is also called bridled weasel :) they’re a very diverse widespread species, so there are multiple subspecies. they were reclassified in 2021! they used to be known as Mustela frenata, now they are Neogale frenata.

  9. Extremely cool thank you! I’ve got a huge recent growing interest in animal diversity and taxonomies/classifications. There’s so much to learn about so much on our beautiful planet. That’s fascinating and I can’t wait to look up more about these lil’ fellas :)

  10. These exhibits came to the Broad museum in LA a number of years ago. It was incredible!

  11. I don't generally re watch things but I am rewatching Schitts creek. I just love it.

  12. Not only that. It’s the perfect nighttime sleep show because there’s never much in terms of actual chaos or loudness. It’s just a simple cast with a simple story and excellent writing. Schitts creek is 100% my comfort show and I’ve watched it dozens of times through and do so every night right now currently.

  13. I didnt upvote this comment bc it had 69 upvotes

  14. That’s really fucking stupid and immature. How old are you?

  15. Yeah, but like that is the first thing you blatantly say to a stranger? Yikes. Even without context, it’s rude af bro.

  16. I see a dude all by himself (inb4 mannequins joke) just doing what he wants to do. Albeit a little weird or different than someone else’s ideas of a good time. But what about this truly affects you enough to post this to cringe?

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