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  1. Given their status how could you possibly think they could get a deal done w Nike? Compared to everyone else getting their own Nike shoe deal, the young bucks are nobody’s.

  2. Honestly I don’t know what planet some people on this sub are on. This is a huge W for the Young Bucks whether you’ve heard of Diadora or not

  3. He really stuck his neck out for Misraaks. I dig it because Misraaks is my favorite character in Destiny.

  4. The benefit you get from enhanced perks is miniscule in contrast to adept mods + masterwork

  5. In PvP maybe but in PvE I’ll take a 5/5 crafted roll over whatever RNG shit roll I get from master

  6. It’s only been 7 weeks? God — it feels like that was an eternity ago this season is so slow and boring.

  7. I don’t know why people are finding this season so boring between the new raid and the new activities I’m finding it a lot more engaging than last season

  8. I hate what they did with resilience. now it's more or less mandatory to go 100 on all classes all the time... so much for build variation.

  9. It's really not mandatory unless you're heading into master/GM content and by the time you get up there your build variation has already been limited anyway

  10. Resil is broken and may be nerfed at some point, so don’t dust good recov gear.

  11. I actually don't think they will nerf it, and the reason why there's such a gap between tier 9 and 10 is because they want you to build to tier 10. Look at Duality for how they're able to design stuff with that in mind.

  12. It's not a "modern Dances With Wolves"! I'm tired of this take on the story. It's so LAZY. Do you think you're the first person to have that take? No, you're not. You're the millionth, and it's still wrong and reductive. It's a _dystopian future_ dances with wolves+spectacle blockbuster, where we cheer for the fkn Viet Cong against the US military and also think about extra solar system travel and biological networks and genetics and imperialism and resource exploitation and hyper corporatism.

  13. Lol it’s ferngully with 6ft smurfs sorry to upset the President of the Avatar fan club

  14. Just tired of the lame, lazy takes people have been having toward this movie for a decade. Saying “it’s dances with wolves in space” is like a knee jerk reaction for every unoriginal commenter. At least say something interesting in your criticism instead of just parroting the 1-dimensional shallow brain take every other chud has

  15. I mean what more needs to be said? It’s an extremely uninspiring story that hasn’t aged well either, the fact that the only praise Avatar gets amounts to ‘the technology they used was incredible’ (which it was) tells you how much you need to know about the incredibly boring story.

  16. I don’t think people realise how lucky we are to have guaranteed communication from the studio every single week without fail. That’s a very rare thing in video games

  17. It was before because Arbalest wasn't a thing yet. But now agreed. If it were 3 or maybe even 4 I could justify it to free up an exotic but 6 is absurd.

  18. The only time I willingly use it is when I’m using an exotic bow for overload or something but even then that’s in like master ketch more than likely in GMs imma stick with arbalest or just not run AB at all and let a team mate take care of it

  19. Yes and no, bad in the sense of he was caught taking nudes in his work office. Now that’s obviously a huge violation of trust and his coworkers basically have been radio silent about him. He, as far as I know I’m out the loop myself, apologised for all the distress and got help to get whatever issues he has solved.

  20. I thought I saw rumors about him jerking off on other peoples’ stuff (Desks and personal items).

  21. That’s what I mean, there’s a lot more unknown about Adam

  22. Right so what you’re actually saying is put the mod on to get an enhancement prism, get 10 prisms and then use that to purchase an ascendant shard from Rahool.

  23. Cost nothing to be thorough to someone who’s clearly new enough at the game to be asking where they can get shards from.

  24. Haven’t seen anyone else on Twitter Reddit or Bungie forums report this and with how easy (comparatively) this challenge is on master there’s a ton of teams that have cleared it many times so my inclination is to say that you did fail it somehow

  25. Everyday we stray further from the Traveller’s light

  26. I think it’s just the ones that actually play a part in the overarching story like ones that introduce characters, change up the avengers dynamic or an infinity stone is present

  27. Then in that case Thor the Dark World should be in there as that has the reality stone

  28. Any reason why you can't still use rocket launchers for this encounter?

  29. No people are just overreacting as usual, rockets work just fine you just need to make sure you’ve got your finders on and maybe bring like a sniper as back up that’s all that’s changed. I’ll stick take that over getting flinched to fuck with my linear

  30. Ammo. You need lots of heavy bricks. Scrub did a vid, gjally div and legend rockets work but you basically use all your ammo.

  31. There’s plenty of ads to get a couple of ammo bricks for the next one

  32. It's so sad when your build depends on artifact mods and when the season is over your build is just gone.

  33. Don’t make builds that depend on artifact mods then? I build first and then use artifact mods to bolster it if I want. This season I’ve not touched any of the mods because I just don’t think they’re very good

  34. Yes, this season is different because all mods are trash, but last season for example the only way to reliably proc restoration for hunters and warlocks was the mod. After it was gone there's no builds left lol.

  35. My calibans build on my Hunter says different, well of life and healing nades give more than enough healing. Classy was a crutch

  36. Using rockets at Daughters was a refreshing change of pace to just linears.

  37. Gjally, 4 rockets and div or 5 rockets will still be the best it just won't nuke them in less than 5 seconds

  38. In ketchcrash u can get a line where she goes "Yes, destroy them! Drive them into the void... for research purposes" so I don't think bloodshed is her issue lol

  39. It’s the feeling of betrayal she’s feeling, we know what we are and we accept what we are but her dad actively kept that from her

  40. I do all master content except raids because they are massively gatekept in my clan. Last refuge of the slightly-better-than-you-only-because-they-gatekeep players.

  41. I’m talking about this community, I never said all D2 players, I said this community.

  42. Thats what i thought too, with the cut scene they said he was the most ruthless

  43. Guy you replied to is wrong, Mithrax wasn’t one of the first Eliksni he was born after the Whirlwind. Him and Spider may have been among the first generation born on ships but Eramis is certainly older by a large magnitude as she was Riis during its golden age.

  44. If we're talking all out then I think eramis would win based on her stasis powers

  45. Do we know that she even has her stasis powers still?

  46. I’m sorry, I get people get nostalgic for the past and forget the shitty stuff but season of the HUNT was more interesting?! All we got that season was basically some mystic shit about Crow and more about Xivu Arath which was at the time pretty cool. This season alone we’ve learnt about the Eliksni immediately following the collapse, the history of Eramis and spider and especially Mithrax. Oh and the revelations of this week obviously too.

  47. …yeah that’s how the seasons work? You do seasonal content to progress the story.

  48. unless you joined a team that straight up said KWTD than you are just asking for it

  49. Do they count as summoning them as first mates for the triumph though

  50. I prefer mechanic changes than fighting against Champions and match game tbh

  51. I really hope they take a look at master raids again for Lightfall as the previous two have been basically useless beyond getting the seal

  52. Why would we ever see hard modes again? They've already said they won't return. And the game is buggy enough as it is.

  53. Where did I say we’d see hard modes again? I just said I hope they take another look at master and tweak it.

  54. I didn’t play from Curse of Osiris to Beyond Light after being burned by how shite D2Y1 was. Back and loving the game more than I ever did before though so

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