1. I'm not being funny....majority of fisherman can look at a fish that size and be very close to estimating weights. How is he pulling a fish out and weighing it in without anyone raising suspicion?? Weird one

  2. I think they weigh 5 fish at a time. So he stuffed a few weights in each fish to bring his overall weight up, while keeping minimal suspicion.

  3. For blunt stalls go up straight. Then do a low Ollie and hold down the right joystick and you’ll lock right into a blunt to fakie. Then pop out or flip out or whatever you wanna do

  4. I think it’s kind of random. I’ve done a few famous tricks and they weren’t historical challenges. Yet they put every trick into the courthouse bank from Cherry.

  5. Community fans just got the #andamovie. Maybe it’s time for Silicon Valley to start campaigning for six seasons and a movie

  6. In high school I saw his part in Pigwood Slaughterhouse and decided to base my entire identity off that video

  7. Fun fact: Netflix is older than Google

  8. This is my favorite episode. Every single scene is gold. The movie could literally be Dean trying to direct another commercial and I wouldn’t even be mad

  9. I managed to go through 4 trials before I just accepted waiting. This game was such a breath of fresh air when it released. Nothing quite like it and I spent soo much time in the world.

  10. Just imagine you beat the game. And 3 days later is just loads itself up into another boss fight with Resurrected Jesus

  11. I mock it every time. “sUp rIdEr!”

  12. Oh yes. Professor Floridaman’s house

  13. I just did a bunch of flat ground tricks without falling and got a 9.6. It’s worked on every jam in the game

  14. Is that some weird copy pasta or something?

  15. No, that’s Brendan Schaub’s Reddit account. It was supposed to be a joke

  16. This got posted somewhere else the other day and I saw it for the first time. And what a special thing this is. I recommend everyone set aside the 15 minutes and watch this

  17. Oh don’t start. You guys got Artem Lobov and too many other people thinking he was the GOAT

  18. I think it’d also be beneficial to have the last letter or two also highlighted.

  19. Did anyone ever see the IMAX Simpsons thing? Supposedly it had something to do with this episode but it’s all just a vague memory from my childhood

  20. How are you skating the LA courthouse?

  21. https://giphy.com/gifs/Qy2VKY3xlI1QyR6Ix5

  22. I’m hoping so. Definitely add a new area. Probably LA but also a place like ATL could work, or Miami. Or take it to another country. It really seems like limitless potential with the way maps are set up

  23. This game is a simulator but I don't understand the wobbly trucks. Trucks just don't move like that. Daewon has a setup where he uses a load of washers without rubbers so that they wobble but no other skater does this.

  24. I skated my whole life. Always rode loose trucks and would always see the wiggle when watching back footage.

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