1. kawhi? dame??? tatums been styling on embiid in the playoffs pretty much every year since his rookie year too

  2. lmao 0% chance. embiid has never beaten a good team in the playoffs. i'm taking tatum 10/10 times

  3. No, I would probably prefer Chrisitan Gonzalez, but I wouldn't be mad with Witherspoon.

  4. Replace Tatum with KD and that's the list. Idc if he's injured in the regular season.

  5. Wow just watched all the finals games and just realized that MJ played against plumbers. Wow

  6. Can someone explain. Idk shit about these contracts and cap space

  7. The NFL has a rule that the top-51 most expensive contracts on your team will count against your team's salary cap. This is because the salary cap is designed to accomadate a 53-man regular season roster and not a 90-man offseason roster.

  8. I'd like Paris Johnson Jr if we stay at #9 but if we were able to move back to like #16 and aquire a couple additional picks then I would love to take a shot at Kalijah Kancey.

  9. I hate picks like this because they're wildcards. Your hope is that they show some promise like James Houston in Detroit. But Poles doesn't strike me as a guy who uses his early 1st round picks on 'hope'. Even a mid OL player is a better use of that pick than a potential bust D Lineman.

  10. Instantly lost all MVP potential. He never wants to play in hostile territory because he scared.

  11. Adabawore's speed does not shown up in film. Cancey's speed and quickness is absolutely undeniable when you watch him

  12. Yea when talking about DT, there is a massive difference between speed and quickness. Kancey has elite quickness.

  13. MJ will ensure that there will continue to be a place for the Plumlees and Zellers in this league.

  14. Kalijah Kancey turns out to be the best defensive player taken in the draft and shuts up all critics talking about his size.

  15. Lions select Jalen Carter AND Cancey in the first round going DT, DT

  16. As I Bears fan, PLEASE GOD NO. They already have one of the best OL in the league, we do not need to be going against the best DL in the league as well.

  17. Not that bold?🤣🤣 I hope this is satire. Fields was the worst passer in the NFL last season by almost every advanced metric lol.

  18. 2nd best how? I'm literally looking at advanced metrics as we speak and he was 22nd in the league in deep ball (over 20 yds) completion %.

  19. I wasn't mad when we gave Whiteside a max deal. Some of my friends still won't speak to me over that take.

  20. When you signed him it wasn't a bad deal. Whiteside just took the money and didn't care enough after. No way for Miami to know that.

  21. Never watched a full WBB game before but I figured I'd sit down to see what Caitlin Clark was about and my god...She is going to single handily save the WNBA.

  22. Van Lith is really good and swimming in NIL money. But Clark is on a whole nother level. Especially given that she’s way more efficient in addition to putting up bigger numbers.

  23. And could still have 2 years of eligibility left LMAO. She came in as a freshman and was averaging 27 a game.

  24. yeah because he was getting hit with flagrant 2 level fouls every other play lmao

  25. No he was not. They were not getting hit as hard as people say they were

  26. Standings are so close that they flip multiple seeds by the day. Just need to keep winning.

  27. The second the Jets trade for Rodgers they enter win now mode. It becomes all about a Superbowl.

  28. Well no, a pen, pencil and sharpy can all write, just like a rifle, handgun and shotgun can all kill.

  29. Nice try but Vehicles account for 60% of deaths for children, Cancer is next at 20%

  30. Love had more yards in one quarter than Fields had in like 5 games this year 💀

  31. Love is not even close to Fields. Fields is already a top 5-6 QB in the league. Love has nothing to show for and he's been playing for 4 years.

  32. I'm a kings fan so last night was not fun to watch. I will say I do not want to play you guys first round because of how well you match up against us. Good luck the rest of the year.

  33. Ugh, I had a feeling Love wasn't as good as we thought he was. Hopefully we get #13 pick from Jets and draft Levis or Richardson. I always knew drafting Love in the first round was a huge mistake.

  34. In 18 starts against Power 5 teams, Levis had exactly 1 game with over 300 yards passing. I would be absolutely shocked if Levis isn’t a bust. Take a 5th round flyer. Has about as a good of a shot of working out as Levis. Richardson has a shot, but he’s so far away. I think he’s highly unlikely he’s a top half of the league passer.

  35. Ugh, this basically confirms Love is struggling and not as good as we thought. Hopefully we can get the #13 from the Jets and turn that into Will Levis or Anthony Richardson. I was always scared Love was never going to be the guy.

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