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  1. It's been back for a while and apparently never keft New Mexico 😒😒

  2. His hair at the back looked more like a ducktail than a mullet

  3. N1 is definitely a Keller.

  4. Is Nash short for Nashville or is it just … ya know.

  5. Nope. It's just Nash. I have a neighbor kid with the same name.

  6. This is probably an unpopular opinion but I just don't find the j' jokes that funny, unless it's clever. They're overdone on this sub

  7. This was originally done on Facebook with Jafar. I just adapted it because it fit better.

  8. beware this is practically pornography

  9. Granted you can drink caffeine and breastfeed, but how about letting the new mom nap instead of giving her fake Plexus energy?? And this is Jill we’re talking about, so she probably had to pay for it. Jill prob considers them “wealthy” with only one child and a (sorta) job (that could be part-time but here we are). Expect a go fund me for their baby’s low birth weight in two hand a half months.

  10. Jill was too busy milking her SEVERE knee injury to help with the baby too.

  11. Sooo Nurie had to play hostess AND showcase her newborn like a show dog AND submit to both staged and candid shots where everyone but Jill looks horrible (Jill looks horrible too but her grandiosity makes her think she looks great) AND nurse sweet mama back to health? No wonder she’s underweight with this immediate and Ill advised second pregnancy. Will she need to go with a cut rate “midwife” because two births in about a year is too expensive for Scamaritan?? If they even have it?

  12. She was at a birthing center for N1. So she'll probably have N2 at one. But I'm wondering what Jill's ailment will be this time

  13. I always think Meech spends much of her time fantasizing 1000 ways to “leave her lover” 😜

  14. It's not related, but I saw this movie for the first time last night and it was pretty good. I feel like I'm in the loop now

  15. I've never seen it. I just use it for memes 😈😈

  16. You should repost with recent photos of Rebekah and Esther as well so there's a comparison of all sisters

  17. Rebekah is the one on the right in the 2nd pic. Esther looks more like Priscilla, with a trend towards looking like their mom.

  18. Holy shit I thought she was a rando 😂 being a fundie is rough on a body

  19. He's a kid and doesn't think anyone would believe him because when he was younger and neglected no one did anything then

  20. It's the raw sausage for me

  21. But she's trained in midwifery, you'd think that would've covered basic infant storage safety

  22. Unless his goal is to yeet the baby

  23. It sounds like it has flavor

  24. Looks like a giant game of Guess Who. "Does he have a crooked jaw and an enormous ego?"

  25. No, my husband has 1% same area and his family is all from Southern US. Apparently it's typical for the area, from what another user has told me

  26. Obviously I have, but I didn't think they'd hit 100 great-grands sooner than this lady

  27. Is there a snarky reason so many people call her Kathy instead of Katey? I've been curious.

  28. Carlin Bates typoed on a comment or post and called her Kathy so we just picked up on it.

  29. It looks like Turkey bacon to me. I don’t eat pork, that’s what my bacon looks like 🤷🏻‍♀️

  30. That's good to know. It could still use some crisping

  31. Won’t show kids faces-shows the front of their home along with the layout. Seems like a security risk to me.

  32. I found their address in 5 minutes.

  33. The only problem is that there are only 2 Sussexes, and they match age wise to her youngest kids. It'd be a long wait for a match there.

  34. How low will the Sussexes sink by then?

  35. The first guy to pay attention to her. And the fact she was 18 and her biological clock was running out in fundie terms so she had to jump on it.

  36. She was 21 when they started courting

  37. Then her biological clock really was ticking fast then.

  38. Valid. That was at least 2 babies she could have birthed

  39. I'm not sure what OP is smoking, but I'll take a hit

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