1. But it’s ok to hire a alcoholic. I rather hire a pot head instead of of drunk

  2. Look like a lantern fly. They are crop eaters

  3. It flew away. It flew on the plant as I was looking at them. The moth flew away

  4. Paint the bucket black. That might help you out

  5. They have that at Lawrence zen leaf in Jersey. Got me lit!!

  6. Yes! I got this at RISE but this strain is everywhere in NJ. It’s great stuff, so crystally. Smokes really smooth

  7. I like moon boots and mag landrace is one of my favorites

  8. I identify with this prayer. That's why this time around I decided to splurge on feminized seeds. I'll pay the premium for the (near) certitude that buds are on the way

  9. Yeah I need to look into getting some feminized seeds so I don’t have to 🙏🏻for females

  10. Hahaha those look just like mine! Same size and everything and got the same pots from the dollar store 😂

  11. I’ve gotten kind tree products from zen leaf. It was runtz

  12. Does drinking alcohol make you a bad parent.

  13. Check under side of the leaf. They like to hide there.

  14. F outta here with that bs. The government is going to do this to make it look bad

  15. Wish you were in Mercer County. Lol. I think we would have a good time crossing swords and linking up.

  16. That’s a lie. The civic sport is about 33k. I have one for a little over a month and love it. 24k is the msrp

  17. I just got a 2022 Sport Touring Hatch for $30,800.00.

  18. For some reason they marked up the civics this year I was told. Probably because mugen is part of it

  19. You have to put the fresh banana peel in water for a couple days burping every few hours then use the water and discard the peels and repeat when needed.

  20. Don’t know what it is, but definitely not a cockroach

  21. Let it soak in alcohol then use a toothbrush clean the rest

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