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  1. I became highly suicidal in primary school at around 9 years old, and while I tried many times I was too young to really know how

  2. Don't forget he's only a baby of his race, imagine how ludicrous an adult kirby would be!

  3. In the cyberpunk game I played in, arasaka Tower wasn't blonde up, but we did accidentally knock half of it down

  4. I was always wondering if there was a name for this, it can make reading far more difficult!

  5. While this is the main basis, there was actually an incident before this that had him labelled an antisemite, although its actually more rediculous

  6. I quite like the second one, it invokes the meloncoly with the sparks of anger and frustration that comes when I'm reminded of what I've lost to the Illness

  7. There was an rpg called sudeki on xbox and pc, interesting plot, more interesting gameplay. If you played as a ranged character, combat was an fps, as a melee character it was a hack and slash

  8. You cant recondition your body into producing energy on a cellular level correctly

  9. Yes he is, sort of, as skadi was treated as an asir dispite being a giant who came to asgard to seek compensation for her father's death. So to are the vanir who came to live in asgard

  10. I get that, existing itself feels agonising to me. Be awake is exhausting and painful and the future looks less hopeful every day

  11. I tend to feel the same way, it's difficult to get out of that headspace

  12. As someone with both cptsd and cfs/me I spend most of my life too exhausted to so much as think properly, so doing nothing is definitely my preference

  13. Wait what? Really? How did that slip through my entire education on WW2?!?

  14. Also a lot of American companies kept funding, supplying and lending to nazi Germany throughout the war, selling to both sides to maximise profit

  15. Also the arms Companies, banks steel manufacturing etc Basically a lot of the German war machine was powered with American resources

  16. I developed ibs a few years after my ME diagnosis, and have suffered from severe indigestion since childhood

  17. So I recall reading a study which discussed how me/cfs reduces mitochondrias capacity to properly absorb glucose.

  18. As a kid, I was told all these horror stories of what would happen if I was taken away from my parents (if I reported my dad's behaviour) it lead to me, at 12 locking myself in the bathroom with a phone wanting to call the police but too terrified by what might happen after, as well as what my father would do in the meantime

  19. I absolutely dialed 911 DOZENS of times only to chicken out because I didn’t want to rock the boat in the household and because my parents were fighting every day and I didn’t want to give them more fuel to the fire.

  20. Yeah, and how they might think to take out that frustration, and potentially putting yourself in the spotlight of their wrath

  21. Another good source of obscure information, more on norse spirituality is arith häger

  22. I feel like this a lot, I think even neurotypical people feel like that when they're not getting it, but for those of us with trauma, who often find it difficult to form healthy relationships, end up feeling that much more intensely and often have no way of fulfilling it

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