1. Efps I've found to be a compatability nightmare unless you enjoy watching parts of your world disappear whenever you turn your head slightly.

  2. Ive played with it for at least a 100 hours with a modlist of over 700 mods and Ive never had this problem, though I need a lot of patches so that might be why.

  3. I've always had a problem with specific spots even with a bunch of the patch collections installed. The most consistent one being around Gildergreen in Whiterun.

  4. O-nights simply because of the hilarious awkward moments it can create.

  5. Probably Ghazghkull closing a warp portal by head butting it.

  6. If xedit shows a mod is conflicting with the base games esm/esp files how do you resolve that?

  7. Great idea, Marty done amazing work on SDA (even if you don't like the tone of it you gotta admit it's some incredible work). Don't forget to show some appreciation to Kerstyn who gives her talented voice to Serana in SDA.

  8. A nurgle buffed custodes could quite possibly be the scariest thing to see appear on a 40k battlefield.

  9. I wasn't so much right leaning but I found Destiny when I was in that anti sjw phase when everyone hated Brie Larson.

  10. Not as over the line as the two misses that popped in Poland.

  11. Have to agree here, his food takes are awful and that's coming from a guy from New Zealand where our national foods are marmite toast and chicken cooked in a hole of dirt.

  12. I chose synthesis because to me it's an actual solution to the overarching themes of the series that allows the galaxy to move forward and not be stuck in a repeating history loop.

  13. Agreed, no way he can turn up to the cook out looking like a hard stuck Plat player.

  14. I really hope Erudite comes in like captain marvel in endgame to completely demolish whatever claims he has about Destiny's community being abusive after all the shit mrgrills community did to Erudite.

  15. How shitty of a person do you have to be to not only drop a bomb like that but also go out of your way to dig up said bomb from a person who's just trying to get on with their life AND throw out sexual harassment claims without doing thorough research only a few months after the exact same thing you;re doing happened to yourself.

  16. He must have done a slack job with the wheel alignment because she swerved left and right whenever she hit a corner.

  17. I guess it's a matter of which warframe is considered worst right now because that would indicate how slow and tediously they're going to kill you.

  18. By negative experiences are we talking disappointing sex or somebody being far too pushy or ignoring boundaries? Because Destiny was definitely talking about the latter when he meant bad experiences.

  19. I'll take the level headed immovable object over the obnoxious unstoppable force any day.

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