I did it.

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  1. Ok but fr the meme is dead now and its been long dead. You're out here fucking a dead horse... This shit aint even remotely funny anymore ong. "HAHHAHAA GUYS GUYS BAD MOVIE GOOD AND AND I AM IRONICALLY EDGY XD HAHA FUNNY MORB, MORBIUS MORBIUS FUNNY 'ITS MORBING TIME' HAHAHAAAA."

  2. I can definitely identify with a lot of what you said: hurting others and saying shit that wasn't right.

  3. Nice. It’s really weird how the entire last paragraph of this shirt is just completely false, tho.

  4. Wasn't there one like that already? Like in the snow. I vaguely remember wanting every character dead.

  5. That's really awful! I'm sorry for your loss; I hope you're able to find happiness again

  6. I got like 5 different hoverfish nd I named them all bob

  7. Well one is Bob, one is Bob 2.0, one is Bob 69420, one is Bob 3.14, etc

  8. That's so sad. I've in a LDR with a guy right now, and if he died it would honestly destroy me. So I can't imagine how hard it is for you; you both had a really good connected it seems.

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