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  1. One of those games they reviewed that I am so nostalgic for is Space Knights, such a fun addictive game to play back then.

  2. People do this lately, it’s karma farming and attention seeking I assume.

  3. You just have to put the mask on in time the game has some bad coding tbh

  4. By “in time”, when should I be putting it on? Also, he sometimes disappears from the cameras altogether, which is weird

  5. When’s he’s in the office I haven’t played 2 in awhile I got to night 5 and stopped cause of foxy I think there’s a glitch for Freddy where if you use the flashlight he will jumpscare you so just put it on when you hear him laugh hope that helps

  6. It is needed for the plot, otherwise it wouldn’t make any sense.

  7. Tiktok is a shit show of people begging to be viral and showing off their bodies to the world like a free trial to Onlyfans.

  8. I went there, and someone roleplaying Carl Wheezer asked if they could have my “cwosssant”

  9. Then just grow, or as the message of The Lorax, “let it grow” /s

  10. If you want equality, you need equality in EVERY aspect.

  11. Christmas songs are a nightmare, ngl, especially when you hear the same ones everywhere you go.

  12. I joined 2013, I’m pretty good at sword fighting, because it was popular during the early years of me joining, and I played Sword Fighting Tournament constantly during my first year of playing.

  13. That’s not what the body positivity movement itself is though, it is currently about 400 pound women that get mad at men because they aren’t attracted to fat bodies (naturally) and if we don’t like them, we are “fatphobic” no way will I ever be scared of a fat person, they will be out of breath just walking up the stairs.

  14. Nothing more iconic than The Sun, The Moon and Earth.

  15. Tbh, I have given up on trying to relate to this stuff. I just learn and try my best to respect it.

  16. I’m the same, I find it annoying that they try to make a gender, just for them to feel like a unique person, but I will tolerate it though, unless they make up a completely stupid one, same with neo pronouns, except I can’t tolerate neo pronouns.

  17. Too true, and there are some delusional women who think misandry doesn’t exist, when they are the misandrist themselves, they just don’t know it.

  18. For me, probably a hot take, but I have never found Kim Kardashian attractive, too unnatural.

  19. FACTSSSSS every time my friends ask me about Kim, I tell them she’s mid asfffff. THEY GET CONFUSED as if I’m wrong💀

  20. Well, tbf, everyone is subject to their own opinion, but you can’t just be confused if someone doesn’t have the same take in attractiveness.

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