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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. That primitive barter economies existed. We lived using internal credit systems and never actually traded in a tit-for-tat sort of way. Adam Smith made that shit up whole cloth

  2. That makes Trump an even bigger loser, then. Although they both served one term, Jimmy Carter at least won the popular vote.

  3. Lol Trump is an absolutely shit monster, loser is too good of a word for that traitor. But Jimmy Carter was a loser, he's a nice guy, but a horrible politicians.

  4. Yes, it's annualized. Pretty much all interest rates are presented as annual rates.

  5. I asked him yesterday and he said he didn’t know.

  6. I've seen those Nazis walking down the street en masse, this Jew is not going down quietly. That's what it took, actual neo Nazis

  7. Ah, the despised alcoholic relative. Gotcha. I pity them. Happy holidays ✌️

  8. Its not surprising you have to drink yourself into a stupor when left to associate with people who live day to day in reality. A shame, really. We'll be waiting for you here on the ground when you're ready to return.

  9. Lol I said a mojito not a bottle of whiskey. Please stop projecting your pitiful existence on me 😆

  10. Maybe the guy in the car was a wanker too

  11. Why is this being downvoted lol, we don't know why he was walking in the road. that guy who got shoved should press charges

  12. It's whatever, mostly hilarious tbh. It's crazy that people identify with the driver more than the pedestrian.

  13. Never thought of it as a monopoly but you’re totally right.

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