is this what respawn had in mind for their changes?

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When laughter meets percussion

  1. You don't keep track of him? He talks so much and goes too far being a disgraceful pos like he's special but nearly got knocked out by a cocksucker like kelly before finishing him

  2. everything I have seen from him has been good so idfk what you're talking about and I doubt you do either judging by how you refuse to elaborate.

  3. I dont get how glover gets executed by both AJ and Gus via fatal uppercuts but eats hard shots for 5 rounds in this fight. What they feedin him??

  4. it could've happened again had Jiri gone for uppercuts instead of random knees with no set-ups but that's part of what makes him so fun to watch

  5. Tony was always the villain to me. Way too intimidating in his prime not to be. Regardless of whether you liked him or not.

  6. well his nickname is the boogeyman so i get what you're saying

  7. tbh I still think Colby's more of a villain in that one but i get people hate Jorge now

  8. Im not a Colby fan but everybody knows he was about to get cut from the ufc. I dont get you people.

  9. At what point do you stop caring about shit talk cuz you know they only do it to sell PPVs?

  10. if Gaethje did it only to sell fights why did he talk shit about Tony and Chandler after they fought? Bc he won. He was forced to kiss Olives ass bc he lost, same with Khabib. Oliveira is a good dude but from what I've seen, I think he's wrong on this one.

  11. Naw. Remember when Anderson and Chuck Liddell were champs. They would go into the octagon looking for a highlight reel finish in a championship fight. Woodley completely fucked up being the champ. Now they all have that "You have to come to me" bullshit way of fighting once they get the belt. No fucking offense. All defense and counter fighting

  12. this is literally the first bad fight both Rose has had. Fans hated on Izzy for the same shit yet as soon as he put his usual performance (literally the next fight) everyone forgot about that bs narrative. Mfs are just hating for no reason.

  13. is it really Izzy's fault? As far as I know there are 2 fighters in a fight. Truth is people know how good he is, and he knows how good his opponents are. Obviously they'll respect each other more, and that often entails a chess match like Izzy vs Whittaker 2 or Izzy vs Jan. The only real snoozer was the fight vs Romero, and if you disagree it's just bc you like slugfests, which is ok, just don't pretend a fighter ought to be hated for fighting smart.

  14. He's only 24 so honestly he could go pretty far if he develops a decent ground game. It'd be cool to see how he adapts his skills to mma.

  15. And misspelling the word.

  16. 2 Billion and still no crossprogression

  17. remember those audio issues from back in S1? Asking bc I don't remember a time when audio wasn't an issue

  18. Some people have the ability to do that, like Michael Chandler for example, but Usman don’t got that magic.

  19. My mom is a crack addict. Every few years or so she calls one of us kids to "catch up" and tries to be a good mom. She would call one of us and go on for 30 minutes about how she turned her life around. She would always say some INSANE shit like this and our face would look just like Ariel's.

  20. So female fighters move to Onlyfans and the males move to Twitch.

  21. The guy who broke his student's rib and bragged about it to Dariush?

  22. hey hey, dont forget he only did it bc his student made him do it

  23. nothing wrong with that. if he can go in there and battle it out in the ufc. he’s tough enough to study hard and work towards achieving whatever he wants. go for it.

  24. i dont think anyone questions his work ethic but getting your head hit for a living is not exactly the best preparation for Harvard lol

  25. This isn't really an excuse but more of an explanation. I did a quick search and saw that he was diagnosed with schizophrenia and on both occasions he wasn't on his medication. Bad situation all around

  26. If it was an excuse it'd be a good one tbh. Man's had it rough.

  27. This is starting to get old and becoming a bit of an excuse - he kept getting avoided by other top 10 fighters.

  28. he was avoided by the top fighters when he was barely ranked, it didnt make sense. RDA, Hooker, Beneil, and even Tony accepted the fight, Islam just had bad luck.

  29. Beniel isn't going to be ready in October - why do you think people including the experts think Islam should just fight Charles? It's unfair to make Islam wait.

  30. "the experts" lol. Beneil literally asked Islam to fight in October.

  31. Solo q in arenas in 100% the worst experience in the game, even more so in arenas. Arenas with friends can be fun though.

  32. Lol in China you don’t say anything, otherwise they will ‘silence’ you

  33. I don't see how this is relevant to issues like fighter pay and such. Dana likes to do drugs and bang some chicks so ? Its his choice.

  34. Now would have been a good time to add more rewards for reaching the higher ranks besides just badges, temporary dive trails and charms.

  35. like epic skins for weapons that display your season rank

  36. make it legendary or else no one will want or use them. at least i'd stick to my legendary skins. they just gotta make the skins cool enough that ppl feel like it's a reward worth grinding for

  37. they should honestly reward players with things we actually want - skins. A legendary skin for a weapon or legend. Like the BP skins but maybe not reactive, just something cool.

  38. Worst stoppage in hindsight because it’s the least hurt a fighter has ever been in a tko stoppage, but it was his fault not the referee.

  39. even if he had been hurt for real it was definitely early stoppage bro. You don't stop fights bc a fighter's rocked. Cutelaba was still standing, blocking, and fighting back. 100% early.

  40. It's awlays better to end a fight early instead of late. Yeah it was deffo an early stoppage in hindsight but he was flailing around and not defending (on purpose but enough to convince the ref he wasn't sound in his defense). Dude's just an idiot.

  41. I think S1 was overrated but I thought it was decent, had potential. S2 is actually bad.

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