1. There is nothing wrong with "over used" phrases, it means that they are tropey and familiar, recognizable.

  2. A series or parallel construction makes one (verb, subject, even modifier) do multiple duty.

  3. Sorry but you let the grammar/writing teacher get going.

  4. I disagree with the dialogue tags thing. As someone who used to write almost entirely without dialogue tags, not one person who read the manuscript could understand who was talking, no matter how diverse the voice of the characters. Dialogue tags are important, don’t remove them. (Don’t overuse them, though.)

  5. You use them where you need them, for sure. (I am pretty sure I said that already).

  6. The point being that I think your titles are all too verbose and complicated.

  7. When writers say "show don't tell" they generally mean to use vivid language to paint the reader a picture.

  8. So, in general, I'm not a fan of starting out with dialogue. I prefer narration or description of some kind to start us off and give us a really good hook.

  9. I have seen it in multiple books. One was in the Cytonic series by Brandon Sanderson, and then I feel like I saw it in Stephen king's Fairy Tale, but might be mistaken on this since I usually am bouncing between two audiobooks and one physical book at a time lol.

  10. What is your reasoning? I feel like when it comes with said, for example, after a character action, it reinforces what they're trying to convey better

  11. Do you remember that story about the orphaned kid who's raised by his aunt and uncle in a boring, out of the way place because they want to hide the truth about his parents from him, until one day a robed old man takes him under his wing to teach him about the mystical powers he inherited so he can learn to use them to defeat the greatest evil in anyone's memory?

  12. I think you can keep it in this order, but give us some narration in between to give us some context.

  13. You should not publish anything yourself if you want to have it published in the future by an actual publisher.

  14. The cheapest is offered is $3000 and I just knew it wasn’t going to be good. It’s an autobiography about myself and I want to be author so bad but ugh Why is this so difficult?

  15. The idea isn't bad, but you're "telling" the story instead of "showing" it.

  16. Too much plot? Interesting. Last time I was critiqued I was told there wasn’t enough. I suppose I may have leaned too hard on the spectrum. The thing is, I’m not sure to put about Achim? Like do I mention that he is a “do-or-die” sort of guy that airs on the side of caution? Do I incorporate his sarcasm or the rough exterior he has adopted due to his background? And is all that stuff relevant to the query? That goes double if the plot is understood for an agent who is a “It’s the journey, not the destination” kind of person.

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