1. Approved this comment, but please tone down the needlessly inflammatory rhetoric.

  2. I’m a yank I’m offended lmao. He is just using 80’s yank level more colorful metaphors. Even Spock liked em

  3. Interesting theory. Elon musk human trials for his brain implant start next year google it…

  4. Sorta the facts are your living in a 3rd world country and most us are scared to admit that if your above the age of 40 odds are your the reason this is happening either through your corruption or by you doing nothing to stop it.

  5. Dafuq you think we 40 year olds been trying to do. Don’t throw blame. help…what are you doing besides talking online about it???

  6. Rudolph Steiner and Aldous Huxley, both 33rd degree Freemasons who were, surprise surprise, in on it.

  7. Show me proof they were Freemasons stop being lazy and just saying they are… prove it then prove it’s a freemason plot and they are all in on it.

  8. He’s not a boomer he’s their offspring. We hate them as much as you we’ve had to deal with them longer so try to remember that lol

  9. SS: Jim Jones was CIA and Jonestown was a CIA medical experiment. Leo Ryan's investigation into the CIA got him murdered.

  10. This person is not an npc. History is written by the winners they say, so yeah question everything.

  11. This and the comments esp were a very fun read. Thanks so much.

  12. Well that’s depressing cuz then a lot of really low intellect people will be mad rich. Could the economy take that hit lol

  13. By the way, Reddit removed this. I have approved it.

  14. Right in the feels lol. Let it out holding it in leads to hate outbursts.

  15. Basically the paranormal. UFOs, Cryptids, etc. Also self improvement in some regards and where to get weed, as the only one i was able to buy from, regularly, kinda went nuts.

  16. You are right you won the clear victory of the ego mindset. That’s all that matters hurt whoever you want as long as your ego gets the win?

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