1. 10 Cloverfield Lane comes to mind. I believe it all takes place in a singular bunker.

  2. For the most part, yes. Lower Attack gets you more bulk and bulk is desirable.

  3. I had trouble with patching and unbound and glazed are the two I really wanted but only two have worke…Rowe and Pokémon mega power. Which are great but I was really hoping to get those two. I wanted to try inclement emerald as well lol

  4. I didn’t have a lab top or cpu at home and thought I’d need a desktop to patch, now I can do it all on my iPhone, thanks boss!

  5. Yep, no problem. It’s not super easy to navigate patching on your phone but it can be done and gets easier once you get all the steps down.

  6. Solasta, Dragon Quest, Yakuza Like a Dragon, Dungeon of Naheulbeuk, Phoenix Point, and Pillars of Eternity 2 come to mind.

  7. Is Pillars of Eternity 2 turn-based? The first one isn’t as far as I remember.

  8. It has the option for turn based or real time with pause. PoE 1 does not have that option and I'm 90% sure PoE 2 got it after launch.

  9. Ah okay. The combat style of 1 was a bit off-putting and took me a while to get used to it

  10. what happen? didnt even notice a voice change tbh.

  11. It surprises me how little is left to release to be honest

  12. Well, we still have some Hisuian forms/evolutions, most of Gen 7, most of Gen 8, and Gen 9 was just announced so we will have that to look forward to in 2025 or 2026.

  13. Yes, use the Lucky. The other one actually has worse IVs for Master League. Need 15/14/12 at minimum.

  14. We all establish our own “end game” for Pokemon Go. Some people want a living shiny Dex, some want to get to Legend every season of PvP, and some want to collect oddities. Collecting nundos is just as rational as any other person’s “end game.”

  15. Im not sure where you are seeing these stats. Regirock isn’t even available under 1500 at level 23. It has to be like level 17 or 18.

  16. hate to me "that guy" with "ummm ackchyually"

  17. It could be a few things. I had this issue in the past and it was a faulty power supply unit. That’s the brick section of the power cord.

  18. i was just playing some games and it just turned off, and this has never happened, it’s it the power supply?

  19. Based on the other replies, the power supply unit is likely the problem.

  20. Litwick seems like an obvious answer. 3 stage family tree and it’s a fan favorite.

  21. I had no issues on an iPhone 6S. Your screen is like 1.5 inches bigger so it should be even better. The controls were easy to understand and they adjusted the UI to work better on a phone. It’s not just another lazy port, it’s a great port.

  22. Lowkey hoping he performs slightly worse then baker. I think that’d be the absolute worse.

  23. That would be hilarious. Just a few percentage points worse than Baker in every metric.

  24. That would be hilarious. Just a few percentage points worse than Baker in every metric.

  25. Worst I’ve tried is Secret Neighbour. So boring

  26. What’s the goal of the game? I’ve only see ads so I have no idea.

  27. Yep, Monster Train is great. I’m not sure if it’s better than StS, but it has some neat mechanics.

  28. I mean, I’ve been playing Pokémon games since 1998 so it’s all kinda second-nature now. I did have to do some relearning when Steel was nerfed and Fairy was added, though.

  29. As a fellow MSG player since 1998 even I still goof the resistances. Ghost beats psychic was so ingrained in me, that I just assumed for years that ghost resisted psyhic but no. In fact the main ghost species in generation 1 is crushed by psychic 😂

  30. Why they made the Ghastly line Poison type, I’ll never know. I thought it was funny in the anime when Ash seeks out a Haunter in order to beat Sabrina. Lick is the only damaging Ghost type move without set damage in Gen 1. I don’t think you are going to be able to Lick her Alakazam to death lmao.

  31. Too low, but of course we all expected it. NFL, NFLPA and all parties involved again show that protecting women from abuse, physically and sexually is low on the agenda list.

  32. Yeah this sets a bad precedent. One full season probably wouldn’t have been enough for some people, but it would have at least been more reasonable.

  33. Keep in mind that you can boycott while still consuming NFL content.

  34. I was considering going to a Browns game this season… but now? Ehhh… I’ll probably just sail the high seas like usual.

  35. Purified Pokemon and regular Pokemon have no discernible difference in performance. If you click on a Pokemon like Sableye, PvPoke lists “Return” as one of its preferred charged moves.

  36. I’ve never seen a Porygon used in a sub-500 CP cup. It’s stats are okay, but it has awful Fast Moves.

  37. I mean, Cleveland is a pretty trash-laden city so you can almost go anywhere and fill up dozens of bags.

  38. All the other starter CDs have gone in Pokedex order so I doubt Froakie will come before Chespin.

  39. I thought we do it halfway? Not standing yet not sitting either

  40. Golbat is not very useful in Open GL. It gets basically walled by Steel types (Yes, I know it has Shadow Ball but that won’t save you from G-Fisk/Registeel/Bastiodon) and Steel is everywhere. Flying/Poison is not a great type combination.

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