Anyone ever notice how “dns” is just the word “sup” turned upside-down?

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  1. It's called the 'unwashed foot in the rancid pool' trick.

  2. Many Senior roles are focused more on architecture and design than troubleshooting and operations. When I interview candidates for these types of roles, high level questions are the best. When you’re asked why you would choose a particular solution, you reveal the depth of your knowledge, and more importantly, your ability to synthesize that knowledge with specific scenarios to produce results.

  3. This. High level questions for a Senior position are supposed to get you talking. When someone ask you "Tell me your experience with F/W?", you're supposed to say "how long have you got?" and maybe pull up a whiteboard.

  4. Imagine being adopted, trying to find out about your biological parents and finding out your biological dad is a wanted family annihilator

  5. Harmony are finally expanding their workforce and it is long overdue. This is a good sign.

  6. Can someone post a really short synopsis of how to get involved?

  7. Enter the Marketplace in Defira and speak to Fiera at 9am Pacific Time tomorrow. You will need anywhere from 400-750 FIRA depending on how many heroes have been minted.

  8. I’m a doctor of physical therapy…and I agree with you. People get frozen shoulders all the time, just in easier positions. The longer a joint stays in one place without movement, the harder it will be to move the joint. Joints need movement to mobilize the synovial fluid that lubricates the joint. So without the fluid, the joint freezes. Also called adhesive capsulitis.

  9. If you are referring to the amount of schooling I went through to be able to analyze, mobilize and diagnose injuries in every single joint in the body and then provide a tailored exercise program for each of the hundreds of individuals I see….then yes I guess you could say that. Thanks for your input.

  10. That's good. I'm a doctor of scratching my arse with two hands. Nice to meet you.

  11. This is the first week of the rest of your life. Congratulations on making great choices.

  12. Have you ever asked yourself why you're so reactively aggressive?

  13. It's because this person is a twat. You do get them.

  14. I don't mean to be party pooper but this is worrisome for me. I'm in DFK. DefiKingdoms definitely has had its issues and big ones were barely addressed and possibly to save face as of late. Regardless if I believe in the project or not, I just hope the Defira is responsible and sensible as a GameFi team and to its players. As well as learning from DFK and every other Crypto game. Yeah, you can make a pretty penny if your early at anything, but dev teams in working on solid games need to address the aftermath of whales dumping with multiple approaches before they even open shop. You hear alot of "DYOR" or "only spend what you can afford" but nobody gets it and expect x100 gains which results in a Luna's worth of a player base when they lose. Look at Pegaxy. They call themselves legit and were very irresponsible. It was 100% about the money for the players which I can understand but the game itself was trash and when the pyramid fell everyone left. But the Pegaxy team is still building though right? lol

  15. All I read was "I'm worried about the project I use."

  16. The amount of morons in these comments is staggering.

  17. If Tether dies, it won't be a black swan event, the whole crypto universe will be royally fucked.

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