1. Yeah, and two thirds of their income is taken away by taxes. Out of context comparisons like this seem to be the norm these days.

  2. This crap right here. He's playing catch up now though. It took a war to break out in Europe for him to wake up.

  3. Putin is a bag of shit. Always has been. I hope they hang him upside down like Mussolini.

  4. Savage was offering an Axis 2 with Vortex scope combo. Don't know if they still do. But that's the one to get.

  5. Can't go wrong with it. Bought an axis rifle/scope package in .243 for my daughter a few years ago. She has been slaughtering deer with it. I like it too. 6.5 creedmoor a great caliber choice as well. (Scope was a weaver, and is clear glass with good eye relief. I don't know about the bushnell as I have not tried it. A few other people mentioned a Vortex option for the Axis. I have had great luck with Vortex and would jump on that package)

  6. So the Russian couldn't take Kharkiv, a town 20km away from the Russian border, with a fresh and rested army. But they are now supposed to be able to advance down to Lviv 220km away from the Belarusian border?

  7. I have this rifle. Haven't had this problem. Safety engagement is very positive. My daughter has been slaughtering deer with it too...

  8. Bought my daughter a savage axis in 243 caliber. She's been out with it three times, and has bagged a deer each time with a heart shot. It is a very accurate caliber, and easy to shoot well.

  9. The U.N. is kinda like the guy who freeloads of your apartment rent. Doesn't really bring much to the table, but rest assured, you'll pay their rent...

  10. Well that one survivor has got to be a barbecued trainwreck. I don't see how anyone could survive that.

  11. This guy is a smooth talking thug with a lot of blood on his hands. He didn't have to invade Ukraine. Now there is a huge amount of human suffering because of it. When his own people suffer enough, they will hang him like Mussolini and the world will rejoice.

  12. The republican party would start a civil war over the government slightly impeding corporate profits. We will never have affordable, well maintained energy or energy infrastructure with the GOP still around.

  13. You don't know what you are talking about. And the world is paying for it now because of that line of thought regarding fossil fuel production in the biden administration...

  14. Fossil fuel production increased under Biden, it's the highest it's ever been. The refineries that closed under Trump still haven't reopened because oil corporations would see a dent on their profits if they reopened it. The issue isn't with oil production, it's with oil refinement and those corporations don't want to dip into their record breaking profits to build new refineries/reopen closed refineries.

  15. Nope, not till later. It's a complicated business and I work in it. He came into office rather detrimental, but straightened up quick after world complications demanded it. But, Biden climbing into office, was harsh in the early days regarding oil and gas. And, his party fucked up alot of shit for years. To sum it up, yes, everyone would love to get away from oil and gas. To push that before the world is ready, is to only give the advantage to foreign powers. You wanna talk about that for a minute?

  16. China has 3 Gorges Dam to worry about if it ever starts a war. It’s a HUGE vulnerability.

  17. I mean to say, where did that statement come from? There's no civilian infrastructure at risk in china, even if they were to wage war with taiwan.

  18. I’m pretty sure it’s some sort of Chinese in-joke and a study on how memes spread. The dam had been an old joke in some other languages since 2000s

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