If Roe v. Wade is tossed it would mark the first time the Supreme Court overturned precedent 'to limit civil rights, not expand them,' expert says

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what are some fucked up animal facts?

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  1. Austin is sometimes two hours from Austin.

  2. Same here, but my parents don’t own either so maybe it helps when you have family that also have zero interest in firearms.

  3. My family owns many firearms, I stopped touching them in early high school when I realized I could be a risk with them. I have every intention of never owning one myself. It may help for your family to have no interest, but it isn't a prerequisite.

  4. Kenobi is only an hour long. What do you expect me to do with the rest of the day? Touch grass or something? Gross.

  5. She probably is opposed to tearing down confederate monuments, but not the Guidestones.

  6. Completely looney. It reminds me of physics days, only huge difference is, of course, this person is entirely insane. The only modicrum of sanity about her which is sane is that she is going to step away from her board, then none of this will mean anything...

  7. I don't think the sanity is such a difference: anybody voluntarily taking physics has gone completely insane with no chance of recovery.

  8. I would say that a place people often try to start but definitely shouldn't is Kant's Critique of Pure Reason.

  9. The thing to remember is that Nazi Germany didn't erect concentration camps on day one. It was a gradual process.

  10. I don't remember where I heard it, but I remember somebody telling me that "it didn't start with the final solution, before that there was a first solution and then a second." I would add on to point out that even the architects of the holocaust tried various plans that weren't the holocaust as we think of it. They came to realize that they could not be satisfied with less than genocide and the holocaust as we know it.

  11. Dred Scott didn't overrule a prior decision, and that is the material point: they are overruling a case that granted a right. In Lawrence, the court outright said that it wouldn't and shouldn't do that, so this is a violation of precedent in a great many ways.

  12. The 27-72 split seems off, and it leaves no room for men. While I would not be surprised if women and enbies outnumber men, I would be truly shocked if men made up less than 1% of the ace community. It is also worth noting that the lack of education on asexuality seems to indicate that the ace community and the ace population will vary distinctly since only particular groups are likely to have learned about asexuality.

  13. Aspiring philosopher here! Can confirm, Saturdays are good philosophy days.

  14. That one's technically a back massager though, so it's naturally going to be a little different.

  15. Trash men. They’re looked down on as dirty and uneducated, but they do a hard job that is absolutely critical to our public health.

  16. I'd have had a normal(ish) first year of college, and I think that would have benefitted me in more ways than I can really list.

  17. Right? Those two trolls have to be bots or something. No one can be that unaware as to assume that someone who has been sexually harassed and is unhappy about it is going to spread a positive rumor for the harasser.

  18. I wish I could agree with you, but an elected official said that women should lie back and enjoy rape. This is not outside the realm of possibilities.

  19. What do you mean it is obviously shaped like a cube

  20. 34 states participated, Hawaii declared independence, and 10 states declined to participate. We're still five short, aren't we? What did I miss.

  21. I'll be dead in the cold, cold ground before I recognize Missourah!

  22. So, aside from the Constitution not being written in 1776, they want to strip all the amendments away too, including the 2nd? The title here should be "Conservative supports repeal of 2nd amendment."

  23. I have to go with the killing of the water buffalo in Apocalypse Now. It doesn't look like much until you realize that they really were slaughtering the animal.

  24. Controversial opinion here, but I mantain that Nicole DeBoer is a far better actress than Terry Farrel.

  25. God's name isn't 'God' so it's irrelevant.

  26. Today I learned how lucky I am to genuinely have three good friends that there is absolutely nothing that I'd be scared to share with them.

  27. My ex-BIL thought that a woman’s anus and vagina combine into one hole during childbirth, then went back to being two separate orifices.

  28. Do you just like… keep this list handy with you?

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