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  1. Same exact thing here. I upload edited clips from a popular TV show and two of them got flagged, now I have a warning on my account.

  2. Any ~35 scrubs around here ? Not sure if I didn't get enough time to play or if I've hit my ceiling 😅

  3. -Wave- couldn’t get out of the 30s and fully expect it to be the same this time.

  4. “You bind me to the light and I bind you to power.”

  5. Loved this scene, you really got to see how cunning and convincing Sauron could be. “No, not Dark, not with you by my side” “You bind me to the light and I bind you to power”

  6. I’m still confused as to who/what the Dweller is. They seemed powerful which isn’t exactly common in Tolkien’s work and when ‘banished’ they almost appeared Nazgul like but rings hadn’t been forged yet.

  7. Dynasty Warriors 2 for PS2. My older brother randomly came home with it for me and I’ve loved the games ever since.

  8. Gandalf! Unleash a giant “you shall not pass” on a 100 enemies. Sauron would be pretty epic also, just swing your mace and have enemies go flying through the air. I’d love a Musou title set in middle earth.

  9. In the same boat as you. It’s at the delivery depot but not out for delivery yet.

  10. Same exact thing here, just found out my parcel was handed from Parcelforce to Evri. Seems like it’s happening to most of us.

  11. Let me just say, this is the chicest edit I’ve ever seen.

  12. Just came back. Any suggestion on who’s the easiest hero to get geared up for OLT/Raid?

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