1. Ap ala-asteel ku fysiikka ja kemia samas 💀

  2. They also spend thousand of dollars on their breast but they freak when you compliment them or want to check if the doctor made a good job. Weird society.

  3. I feel like this was the joke but people are taking this meme literally

  4. Minä palautan Valtion antamat Kela tuet käymällä Alkossa 😇

  5. What are tou talking about?

  6. Honestly I find Eva Elfie not arousing at all. Her video's are super basic. She's very attractive but I don't like her style. That's my professional opinion

  7. If you don't find basic arousing at all, then you have a problem

  8. 3 months have passed and this is still a thing (Nord 2t)

  9. Man, I keep thinking I know enough about the game, but what is that room?

  10. I think the trinket turns treasure rooms into that, but I am not sure

  11. Sun mutsis is my business...And business is good!

  12. Is it really called a "diffuser" now?

  13. Lopeta tupakan polttaminen niin saat syödä kunnolla

  14. Lopeta syöminen niin saat polttaa tupakkaa kunnolla

  15. Yes and it was created by a student, i have a friend studying with the creator.

  16. Was it originally meant for just porn?

  17. As long as next to no one can install them on company computers you are safe.

  18. I think that Youtube is not mostly watched at work

  19. 8dy0 says:

    Beatles, Pink Floyd, Genesis, ELO, Smiths, Dire Straits, Mike Oldfield, ABBA, Solution, Kraftwerk, Cream, Led Zeppelin, Electronic, King Crimson, Marvin Gaye, Metallica (albums 2–5), Oasis, Phil Collins

  20. Where is the first Metallica album?

  21. Ja koko prosessi tallennetaan lohkoketjuun karkoittamaan viimeisetkin käytöstä kiinnostuneet.

  22. So... Who is Mr. Beast? Apologies, I am old and live in a cave.

  23. He microwaved a microwave microwaving a toaster

  24. Ei ole kovin onnistunut tämä lain avulla kitkeminen kun kolmasosa suomalaisista siitä huolimatta käyttää laittomia päihteitä.

  25. Nothing says "god yes I'd love to fuck" like responding to a long text with "good you?" three weeks later

  26. She responded. Marry her while you still can

  27. I think he could've done better using more clean vocals for the dynamic feeling that Joe invokes. Not too sure about the layering either but what he does he does very well. A song from Magma felt like an odd choice because I feel Alex's voice would have much better suited covering some of the older, heavier Gojira tracks but maybe he's just not suited to mimic Joe's style (who is though amirite?). Of all the covers I've seen from Alex, I'm sad to say this one just didn't feel right and by the end of the song I'd lost interest. I do really like the sound of Alex's voice and I think he's a very talented vocalist it should be said, those lows are godlike. This cover could have been something he really pushed himself outside his comfort zone but it seems pretty par for the course (or even a little lackluster) as far as what I've heard from him previously.

  28. I think he should have covered some older song, like one from Terra Incognita

  29. Oliko puhuja 1) Vihainen 2) Suuttunut vai 3) ärtynyt? Kuka tommosia pystyy erottaa. Enkun YO kuullun ymmärtäminen on vaan arvaamista

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