1. I stream using moonlight if the games a battery drainer... And oh boy does it work good.

  2. Glad to hear that moonlight works well with the SD. What wifi/network setup do you use ?

  3. That’s another cool thing to do. I do t bother though because my ultrawide complicates things plus if I’ve got it in steam on my pc, I might as well play installed on my deck.

  4. If you have an NVIDIA GPU you could use moonlight with

  5. FYI, AMD users can also use moonlight if they install Sunshine, which is basically a reversed engineered GeForce Experience client

  6. Nice I didn’t know about this, do you know if there is like any drawbacks or issues using this method ? Or is it working exactly like an NVIDIA GPU and GE would ?

  7. Bought this one on AliExpress for like 15$ because Xtia charges you 20$ extra for shipping. Im using it on my axp90-x53 full black and it works as intended. Keep in mind that the adapter adds ~2mm in height.

  8. It will be hard for me to get my hands on an AXP90-53. Anyhow, I thought it wasn't an option for the 3-slot T1 because of clearance issues. Good to know, thanks

  9. Are you based in EU ? I got mine from AliExpress and it took it only 10-12 days to get it delivered to France. So maybe it’s an option ?

  10. would the bulge go away with a Noctua fan swap? the A9x14 is 1mm shorter than the stock Thermalright fan

  11. If it is shorter yes probably , the bulge with the stock fan is really not that much noticeable anyway. So far I really recommend this cooler.

  12. Is that the AXP90 cooler ?

  13. Jap - the full copper version with Noctua fan. See my other posts for result - 12900K below :-)

  14. Nice, I wonder how well a 120mm fan will work instead of the 90mm using this

  15. Mouais pour trainer le bot détecte tardivement et les stocks partent en 2 minutes.

  16. Honnêtement le bot marche plutôt bien, ce discord m’a permis de chopper une 3080 fe chez Ldlc et une Ps5 chez boulanger. Sans lui je serais encore en train de chercher.

  17. I went with this one from Satechi.

  18. Yes, I own a pretty good desktop so I plan to use the deck with steam link on my 4K tv that is not in the same room

  19. Wills it be possible to install 2 exhaust fans with the reference layout and the c14s ? From the photo it seems that there will be not so much space above the cooler.

  20. I got the SN530 1TB and I'm after Q2 lol. I use it as an external drive for my Xbox until then. I have no issue modding it to be shielded, etc....

  21. Same here, picked mine yesterday. Just hope there will be no interference with the wifi and issues with the power draw

  22. The thing is $300-ish from this one video I watched. I'm a stay aways, thanks lol

  23. Well, it comes with an sfx PSU, a 280 AIO and a PCIE 4.0 riser, how much you thought it was going to cost ?

  24. your setup is already pretty cool, I love the color theme.

  25. 730€, MSRP of the 3080 FE in France, I was lucky because only one site have them and there are in stock once per month for approximately 1 or 2 minutes..

  26. FormD T1 5950X RTX 3090 FE Wacom Cintiq Pro 16

  27. nice build man, where did you find the handle for the T1 please ?

  28. Great build man ! I’m curious how did you secured the biffuraction riser ? Have you been able to screw it like a regular riser or no ?

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