1. I used it for 2.5 months straight , did not see any visible changes, hated the texture anyways so binned it !

  2. I heard she's not tall as she appears on camera, what's her height?

  3. Very hard to estimate , we were going down by the escalator and I was in front of her , she may have been two steps behind ( therefore higher) than myself. Therefore the height factor is slightly confusing but I would place her around the same height as myself give or take ...I am 5.5".

  4. I actually feel her content is bang on point with the parody and she us actually talented !

  5. I own the CT Hollywood filter and had swatched thus product in store in Europe a couple months back , I did not find this to be a dupe honestly 😑 I so wanted it to be !

  6. Hi ...I am trying to book afrosiyob train tickets on the main site. Shows sold out for 23rd or 24th. It is usually booked out early ?

  7. I've had a similar experience. I have no idea what causes it. But then I switched my seller, and it was no longer a problem. I won't name the seller because it won't be the right thing to do without any proof. Can you DM me the seller's name from whom you bought?

  8. I have had a similar experience with a recommended seller. Can you pls dm me as well

  9. Narciso Eau De Parfum Rouge by Narciso Rodriguez has a lipsticky/makeupy smell to it.

  10. I own this one, I wouldn't agree. I pretty much hate the lipstick note and this one doesn't even have a hint of it. I love love love this perfume.

  11. Mehr is quite feminine, to me it seems like an exact dupe of titan ski n nude, which is quite a famous women's perfume

  12. Nope not worth...parcos offers are better usually. I got it for abt 5600 last month combining bank and parcos offers

  13. Interested in Alien...can you dm better pics of the level against a light source . Also dm me proof of purchase from myntra ?

  14. Cannot find it. Last could find for 8.8k and out of stock. Already reduced so much. If someone is interested then let’s see can negotiate a little

  15. Bnbfragrances are on instagram and a legit seller as per this sub, they offer this for 7.7k...just letting you know.

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