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  1. This could be very useful to me, thanks! I am working with a similar but very out of date template, stuck in bootstrap 3 purgatory.

  2. Sure. I thought it is not allowed to share multiple links here that's why I didn't share.

  3. I would take “Become senior web developer in two weeks” course of course.

  4. Lol...!! Why go for 2 weeks? there are courses that claim to turn you into a pro developer in just 5 hours.

  5. I'd build a serverless multithreaded kubernetes cluster that uses random docker instances where the code is adhering to every design pattern known to man that only has recursive graph based calls in objective C where I write self-evident comments for every single line of code and use jenkins for CI/CD and aim for 100% code coverage. The program is to list the path to a folder. Every commit made I self review it and either add 50 NITS or LGTM based on whether or not the current temperature is an even, or an odd number. 2 daily standups with myself and a 1 to 1 once a week with my manager and another with his manager, which is just me wearing a cowboy hat and backwards ash ketchum hat respectively. Then I'd rewrite the whole thing in assembly to eek out 9% more performance.

  6. This is great work! Nice job 😊

  7. Of course India is in cahoots with NASA. Don't believe me? Many NASA "engineers" enjoy Indian takeouts and buffets. cHeCKmatE LiBs!

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