1. Creative posts rarely get past the moderation, and posts like full inventory of spruce planks, petting a dog in vr, some random player claiming to mine for 2 million hours and showing what he got, and ofcourse chat reporting are always the ones which overlooked.

  2. If you want to work in Europe French or German language will serve you better. Spanish will serve you far better in both Americas, North & South.

  3. I was also personally considering german

  4. I wonder if anyone can implement this into a speedrun?

  5. glass is slow to get, so not viable for world record runs

  6. I assume you're not in north America? I've never seen this kind of chipmunk before? He looks leaner and his ears look different. Thank you for the upload of this cute like critter!

  7. i am from india, its called an indian palm squirrel iirc

  8. For those who don't understand, i have been trying to kill the dragon with 3 end crystals only and in this clip i almost did it but the dragon was left on 1 hp (see right)

  9. To the dragon probably something like that buts its like 96 dmg to player or something

  10. Do you really think you can get away with the same picture that was posted earlier today.

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