1. Moderate reduce for Camera, trade for ≈75 studs range, 35 studs detechable, surpass Vertical’s Camera.

  2. C7A2 has low Horizontal, FAMAS’ Displacement and Rotational is even rougher than HK416.

  3. How much is 6'1"? In my country we use the metric system or whatever its called, so im pretty bad at it... Is it around 1.8 meters ?

  4. Type “(Meter) to (Feet)” then it’ll give the answer. Same case for the others.

  5. Groza ≈ AUG ≈ C7 > Colt > HK416 ≈ M16A3 > M4A1. Change my mind (Yet there’s upcoming recoil balance).

  6. Overrated. 1 objective, no puzzles, indoor maps design is pretty good but quite random, outdoor too bad.

  7. Refinery has more barriers, oil tanks to protect spawns and usually won’t in the open, among the best.

  8. Directly jumpscares, outstanding Glitch, Hide and Halt design, great small details, unique Seek chase. Shadow has been warned for its hanging placement before, pieced bodies, bloody flesh bones? You crazy?

  9. PPSh-41 35 rounds loaded still weigh as same as HK417 fully loaded (Just found on Google), simply polymer weigh less than wood and steel?

  10. M107 if you want to ruin people at range. Better movement and trickshot, Hecate.

  11. Quite weird but I guess good? Add Blue to reduce Camera Recoil from the Vertical, ARS not enough.

  12. SMGs are small firearms, collapsible stock, suit like bigger size Full-Auto pistols. PDWs are just SMGs but chambered in “rifle” rounds and can be bigger without collapsible (MP7 is a PDW which confusing).

  13. The e gun is pretty damn good in maps like metro or bazaar

  14. Can hurt but can’t kill. Gravity, velocity and shape.

  15. Free choices don’t put the Tracker, there’s Long Barrel and aim 1-2,5 marks 400-1000 studs away.

  16. Eh then again everyone has helmets and a shotgun with no choke and buckshot annihilating some guy from a Soccer field away is a little far fetched

  17. Not even near, 35-50 meters not that long, Buckshot (35 meters/130 studs 1 shot lethal) got the wide spread but isn’t like a tank shot piercing into pieces through walls.

  18. Everyone says realism, but compared to something like deadline, is it really that realistic?

  19. Shotguns in PF are the most realistic thing compared to real shotguns rather than 4 shots CQC AR, that’s why it’s unbalanced. PF maps will be considered as CQC areas in real life, only Mirage and Highway Lot stay out (No one brings snipers into Metro, DMRs).

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