Deciphered list of BK PA house items collected

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Innocent laughter

  1. There was a chance it was moved. While it’s circumstantial, being in that neighbourhood and not getting smashed windows and broken into seems unlikely for an almost new car. The grass growth being green may support it being moved. The fact it was scanned twice by the police and yet they didn’t “find it”… all suspicious to say the least.

  2. I live near that neighborhood and while it’s not great, getting your shit smashed really isn’t an everyday activity. The lack of a break in doesn’t speak to the likelihood of the car being moved

  3. Did you live there in 1999? Neighborhoods can change a lot in 25 years. My old neighborhood was crack infested in the 90’s now it crazy gentrified. Most of the cars pictured with Hae’s had clubs or smashed windows. You don’t get that in areas where people aren’t breaking into cars.

  4. No I did not but in some basic statistics baltimore is definitely more violent and crime ridden than it was in 1999. And west baltimore (in the area the car is found) is not a place I’d ever suggest fucking around. Even with crime creeping to all time highs, I still wouldn’t say having your shit smashed in is likely. It happens from time to time but it’s not a likely event.

  5. That green is so decadent. I love bold choices. You will have to add more lighting in that kitchen though. The dark green will eat up any reflections you currently have.

  6. Yes! My parents have four huge windows in their kitchen but they have dark cabinets, black granite countertops, and dark tan tile. The light gets completely swallowed and it always feels like a Rathskeller in there

  7. I'd get rid of both and find something that matches. (How about

  8. Omg love those! That’s actually a perfect compromise of the two op currently has!

  9. The white ones go with everything whereas the faux leather ones don't.

  10. I have to disagree. The white ones look sloppy like they’re two pieces of a sectional that make the couch too big if put all together. They make the space feel like you got the leftovers from when your parents retired and downsized.

  11. I’m confused. What kind of sentence should we give a 17 year convicted of first degree murder?

  12. In my uneducated and often ignorant opinion, I believe a sentence that had the intention of rehabilitation for a minor offender would’ve been appropriate. I couldn’t say number of years or what programs while in prison would’ve been effective because I am not a lawyer/judge/prison guard/psychiatrist. I just have to believe that adolescents sometimes do the worst things at a time in their lives when they aren’t fully able to understand the finality and gravity of some of these choices. I want to believe that they could be functioning members of society if given the opportunity. While I think Syed is ultimately guilty of the crime he was accused of, I believe his story could also be a testament to the ability of juvenile offenders to reintegrate into normal life without incident. Only time will tell and I hope I don’t eat my words

  13. In spirt I agree with your comment.

  14. I read that after I commented to you and I absolutely agree

  15. Ugh I need to just pull the trigger on this jacket. It’s amazing. I think you look great!

  16. I would buy this cause it’s different and then it would sit in my closet for years cause it’s too gaudy to wear in public…it’s giving lularoe

  17. Okay then, you answered a question that I didn't ask or even care to know, but I win because you taught me something I didn't know before! And I'll file that away and hope I never have to hire a team of defense attorneys, lol.

  18. This exchange was so informative and wholesome. Thank you both for making this a community I continue to engage with. I am learning so much

  19. Not all of these items from the home are confirmed to be Bryan’s correct?

  20. Unpopular opinion but if it’s a kitchen opening to a living room I’d like it better closed off. More wall space for cabinets and storage, and you don’t have to listen to the dishwasher get loud when you’re trying to binge Netflix after a long day. My house is open and it’s always so annoying at night to have the washer/dryer and dishwasher churning next to me while I’m trying to relax

  21. See now, that’s what a smart person would do. Unfortunately, I’m not one of them. I am definitely going to do that from now on though tysm

  22. When educators use the word “heighth” I immediately shut down to anything else they say. It’s like my brain just can’t do it

  23. Yeah, and the “guilters” used to be much more reasonable and recognized that there were issues with the case. Then most of the reasonable guilters got chased off as well.

  24. I am so bummed to see this cause I find most people here are pretty solid in their beliefs on guilt or innocence, but are willing to hear each other out. I’ve had a few discussions where I definitely didn’t see the same as someone but they were still super kind and informative. It’s felt more like a debate than an argument.

  25. There is a leap in logic between "certain details in Jay's story changed over time" to "so therefore Adnan is completely innocent and Jay made the entire story up."

  26. The three stone for me is classic but a little less common and I am absolutely LOVING the way it looks on you. Stunning! All three are timeless and gorgeous but the three stone is INCREDIBLE

  27. So gorgeous on you! May I ask if you find that it’s easy to care for the bone color? I’m considering the same top but I am a hot mess and always spill coffee and other things on myself

  28. Zoe deschanel. Absolutely beautiful and probably a wonderful person and I’d probably adore her in real life…I’ve just never enjoyed a single performance.

  29. If things don’t change soon, we’re just going to keep seeing a bigger gap between Red and Blue States like this. With Blue States having better access to education and social services, they’ll be safer, more diverse, and wealthier. Meanwhile, Red States will continue to slide down in education, safety, economic growth, etc. The Reds, who embraced Trump and authoritarianism because they hated the feeling that the world looked down on them and was leaving them behind, will just keep proving themselves correct; and their children will hate them for it.

  30. The kids from baltimore would like to know when education and social services will be available to them, cause they’re in a blue state too

  31. Ugh my heart breaks for them. I have a friend that currently lives there and occasionally she gives me updates on city life…and it’s disheartening to say the very least.

  32. I really loved season two I’d have to say it was my favorite.

  33. You look amazing but I still can’t with this bag after the comments yesterday that it looks like the initial bags from limited too back in the day! I can’t unsee it. If it were all one color I don’t think it would look or feel so outdated. The logo is also insanely large which is a huge turn off cause it feels like I’m paying to be a walking lululemon advert.

  34. Wouldn’t that have been the cherry on that fucked up sundae

  35. My handwriting is exactly like this. It’s pretty common from what I understand

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