Massively on the Go: Pokemon Go’s Niantic is listening to the wrong voices in its own company

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  1. For tags I use Trade, Transfer (for double Tranfer candy), Mega, Evolve (for double Evolution xp), 1k purify and TM frustration

  2. The weekly box will slowly become redundant just like research breakthrough

  3. If 15 days isn’t enough, then I don’t know what to tell you. You are complaining like they waited 3 hours before the event, not over two weeks.

  4. FYI, this is the most they've waited to announce a community day and they decided to do it on deino. Come on 15 days notice for the biggest community day of the year is very less that too on a Saturday which is not a day off for many countries. Gible was announced a month before the actual date.

  5. "These Raids can only be accessed with Raid Passes and Premium Battle Passes. Remote Raid Passes cannot be used."

  6. Because it was your buddy before. You have to manually transfer it

  7. Every year the value of global fest in terms of pricing is going down. Spawn pool being diluted and some evolved forms in the wild like beartic, watchog, dragalge etc are "featured" Pokemon. Now we know why evolved Pokemon stopped spawning in the wild gen 6 onwards so that they could be monetized and featured in paid events.

  8. Didn't feel like a go fest weekend at all. 2020 was the best global go fest

  9. 425 box has to be one of the worst box ever

  10. Thank you very much I would've completely forgotten about this

  11. I've seen a few in partly cloudy weather

  12. Right, so for them local time is 1:01am. For me it is 7:01am.

  13. No it's a different league called "Master Mega league"

  14. Its actually not named any differently in game, its just the behind the scenes matchmaking algorithm thats different

  15. Is it? My bad pokeminers tweeted that ML is replaced with Master Mega Cup when GBL day starts

  16. Looks like it's been removed from the video now...

  17. I'm thinking the "???" spotlight hour must might be a Hisuian Pokémon as well.

  18. But the mystery spotlight hour is in June not July

  19. Don't do that. This can get your account banned.

  20. Starters have always been in their Dex order so chespin would be first

  21. Imo legendary encounter should be guaranteed in the premium track or atleast the encounters in premium track should be filtered out to a smaller pool

  22. It's one of those features in the game that I'm never going to use

  23. Who's the person with the tattooed arm putting out a cigarette?

  24. Anyone have the link of next week's promo?

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