1. Yes, because it’s no different from a horoscope in precision or accuracy. If the creator had any faith in the validity of the idea they wouldn’t have said that. A classification system only you and a dead guy can validate is pretty interesting, no?

  2. Having a sense of direction in the literal sense, as opposed to relying on gps.

  3. That’s an automatic no for me. Interviews are a two way street.

  4. You’re leaving anyway. Call in sick and put in your two weeks shortly thereafter

  5. You can probably get a data entry job and wfh for a couple dollars more an hour

  6. This bouquet distracts from the dress and the bride instead of being a decoration.

  7. I would avoid saying anything unless if you believe they will shift your role to what you signed up for. It’s better to just keep looking and keep the peace.

  8. Honestly I was in the exact same dilemma as you about 2 weeks ago and then became dead set that shark was the way to go bc they were pretty much almost the same but shark was plenty cheaper.

  9. Go to your local wig shop, Amazon prime it, or get a cheap black fabric dye at a craft store

  10. I've had a steady stream of recruiters DMing me since quitting my job a couple weeks ago and 3 interviews without a single application. I've been a data analyst for 1.5 years. They say tech is bad right now and I believe it, but I'm expecting a more noticeable slowdown later in the year for all industries. Do what you can to strengthen your LinkedIn and get that resume professionally edited before giving up.

  11. It's different in every industry but there has never been an instance of a cover letter getting me a job or even an interview now that I think about it (Tech/Analytics). I wrote more when looking for my first job with no experience, it did not move the needle just a huge waste of time IMHO.

  12. The heels themselves do not look worn. It's possible that the leather paint just wore off very fast but I would pass on this one

  13. It’s fair because they can choose who they serve just like you choose who you buy services from. You can probably find one with a better price who will be more understanding

  14. Lmfao. Came here to say this. I was there when the scandal news broke. It was a mess. I lost a ton of business because nobody trusted us (and I don’t blame them).

  15. I just quit a corporate job at another bank, and they bragged so hard about profits and announced a potential layoff in the same meeting. It was idiotic. I left when my manager berated me over being overwhelmed when they “cross-trained” me in 3 areas instead of hiring someone else.

  16. I got so tired of hearing Tim Sloan and whoever that goofball CEO was before him talk about returning value to shareholders. Like I'm not smart enough to realize that means him and not me. I get a 2% raise for being a top performer. They get millions in pay increases for knowingly ripping off customers. Those record profits were never shared.

  17. Yeah same here they gave me 2.3% after doubling my workload and that was an above average raise. In a lot of ways it was nice in the beginning, I had 27 days of pto for instance. But at one point I had to take over my coworker’s job when they were on an extended leave and that just set the precedent to stretch and exploit me further. The breaking point was when my manager crossed the line into verbal abuse. So, in a lot of ways it sucks on the retail and corporate side even though people say consumer bank jobs are chill. It seems like people are getting low raises and “quiet hired” in many industries atm though

  18. No. Never. Ever. None of their business. All they can do is call and the previous employer validate the dates you worked there. Anything else opens them up to legal issues.

  19. Funnily enough I did this a month ago. I quit my job because I felt they weren’t paying me enough and the team I was on was consistently working weekends and late nights. So I quit. Last week I signed an offer letter for a position with a 60% increase in salary. Also keep in mind within that month I got 4 different offers as well. Yes the job market isn’t the best right now but if you make finding a job your full time job it’s very possible.

  20. Were you honest about your reason for leaving in interviews? Or what did you say instead?

  21. I would quit within the 30 day period so you don’t get fired, unless if you want to collect unemployment. But imo saying you were fired sounds worse. From what I understand PIPs are HRs way of firing you with cause.

  22. It really depends on the job. Most jobs will just call the university HR department to ensure the dates of your employment are true. However, jobs with more responsibility like management or those with security clearance will need direct supervisor references (at least two). So, for the next few years, you'll have slightly fewer options.

  23. Lol rebuild their credibility? It’s a shitty college job and anyone that cares to delve that far into it will understand not wanting to stand in pouring rain for hours on end

  24. I take every call, it’s like 15 minutes out of your day and then if it’s not right you can continue the relationship for later when they have another role.

  25. A single decent horse costs more than 10. You can maybe get an untrained retired racehorse for that budget nowadays.

  26. I just applied for a job that had a pay range from 51k-85k. You had to specify your salary. I put 57k. Was I wrong to go so low?

  27. Yes unless if the role is a reach for you and you have no experience. Even then, you’re setting yourself up to be underpaid and resentful.

  28. Ok good advice that I will take into the future. Thank you.

  29. The main thing with negotiation is if you anchor low you’ll have an infinitely harder time getting more money later on in the discussion than if you anchor high, best wishes ❤️

  30. Hurting but hanging on. You're going to have to go outside of tech for not... manufacturing, agency, logistics... are all still hiring.

  31. Logistics is slowing down since Nov. My family has a large company, usually logistics feels the downturns first. Driver churn is huge though. They leave because they’re not getting loads and come back a few weeks later when they realize every company is going through that now.

  32. They are all like that it’s no big deal. Take it less personally and reach out to many recruiters while you search.

  33. Yes I hired an ex google recruiter to revise mine and that got me a decent paying job after grad school, more interviews.

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