My wife sent me this and it literally made me smile

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  1. I have an opposite experience: I also live in Paris, never ever was a single package stolen from anyone in the building and delivery guys are routinely leaving them on top of the mailbox on the ground floor.

  2. Wow! Paris needs more of this trusting atmosphere and love thy neighbour attitude!

  3. They are collaborating with Supreme, it has been in the works for a few months now, but unfortunately it has been postponed or cancelled due to the recent controversies.

  4. Eh. I was thinking it was a depiction of a Vietnamese woman, not a Chinese man bc French colonialism meant France and Vietnam culturally mingled. Ya know?

  5. I was thinking the same, I find it hard to believe an 80 year old lady (excuse my generalisation) wanted to knit a sweater depicting that, but hey what do I know!

  6. Leather is fine on Vinted, but they strictly remove all fur items so I’m thinking maybe they categorise down in the same category as fur? I’d like to know about this too if anyone knows any more info :)

  7. The gendarmes cleared Square de la Porte de la Villette/Square Forceval because it was a well-known crack encampment and there had been some incidents of violence. The inhabitants were dispersed with many of them going to shelters, which was one point of clearing the camp. Only 4 of the hundreds cleared were arrested. I don't think they're using the clearing operations to enforce QQTF.

  8. Wow!!! Thank you so much for all the information, it’s nice to know there’s other solutions trying to be instigated other than just giving them the boot, makes me feel a bit silly just assuming the worst because gendarmes are there..still, a dreadful situation for everyone involved I’m sure

  9. What are those spots on her face? It doesn't look like acne. I can't tell what the hell it is

  10. do you know why is this?

  11. I’d assume because of the conversion of one currency to another, if you want to get 10 euros for something you’d ask for 72.88 Chinese Yuan in China

  12. Official release date was November 11. Some stores dropped early. Some shipments were delayed, so check your local retailers today or sometime this week if they didn’t get them last week. Don’t expect a restock.

  13. Hey sorry it’s unrelated but are you selling? I’m from the Phillipines and I love this shirt

  14. Just handsew the 4 stitches easy! I do it on all my clothes so everyone thinks I’m always wearing Margiela even though I can’t afford a single piece!

  15. Its not necessarily a pregnancy test because of the HCG. Maybe they were addicted to anabolic steroids and as part of their recovery they're using HCG to restart their natural testosterone production /s

  16. Exactly! When I first saw this post I thought to myself ‘jeez I hope the OP’s wife is overcoming her addiction to anabolic steroids and her natural testosterone production is on track!’

  17. Hey, thanks! There are a lot of small holes though that the photos don’t show haha

  18. Price check on this printed 90s Beefy-T from the Vatican Library Collection, how much do 90s tees from the Vatican go for?

  19. I'd suggest that we (as a whole) stop referring to them as "magic" if they are to be taken seriously by everyone.

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