1. My top 3 would be Ohio State, Alabama, Georgia. In that order. They just look way more complete.

  2. yeah, I see this one, I'm a bit biased but I think Michigan just squeaks out Georgia, Georgia and Michigan have played some easy opponents, but Georgia isn't pulling themselves together against teams like Kent State, they have the talent but not the spirits right now

  3. Brother we got shitcanned by Georgia in the CFP just a few months ago. Absolutely dogged. Rattled. Shaken. De. Stroyed.

  4. I think Bama fans are more annoying but yes, I agree with everything else in this statement by far

  5. I mean, I don't really care as long as it's not during the actual game, it's cool if it's just during where an ad break would be

  6. Who is Miami(OH)? I only know Miami and Miami(FL)

  7. I'm pissed we lost that one, we'll get'em next year, and we can still beat one rival

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