1. “Thank you for your patience” comes off a lot better than “sorry for the wait”. It makes the guest feel good about themselves.

  2. I think a ideal tapering would take several months. I’m planning on dropping about 25% every six week to avoid irritability. I tried a quicker taper awhile ago and it didn’t stick because of the irritability. I have small kids that are rude and rough (in an age appropriate way) so being irritable around them is difficult.

  3. One thing you could do instead of regular tipping is give the cleaner a Christmas bonus. For those who celebrate, Christmas is an expensive time of year so I’m sure it will be greatly appreciated.

  4. Consider putting her into a second language program so she doesn’t get bored at school. My child is academically gifted. He loves his French immersion program but gets bored easily with classes taught in English. He taught himself multiplication years ago from watching numberblocks so he gets bored in math class when they are doing addition and subtraction.

  5. Hi! Did you take it with food? SSRIs make me really sick if I take them on an empty stomach.

  6. I don't eat before lunchtime so it was on an empty stomach, maybe I'll try taking it with lunch from now on. Thanks for your input, I'm in my 50's and never been on any meds like this.

  7. Long friendship ebb and flow. You don’t need to give up on your friends completely. However, it does sound like you need more friends. I’d suggest joining a sports team, gym, or some sort of club that already has a social aspect.

  8. I take mine before dinner so I can sleep through the night. I've always had a problem with nighttime relux while my daytime symptoms haven't been nearly as bad. Probably because I'm upright for most of the day.

  9. Donate to a school? Some schools collect Christmas gifts for kids in families that can’t afford to buy presents.

  10. I hope it went down okay! If took lexapro at the same time as Dr Pepper I’d have a massive acid attack

  11. I’ll second finding prices on bricklink. You can consider shipping fees too as part of the price. I recently bought a set off marketplace that was listed as fifty. The price on bricklink was as low as 38 from some sellers but then shipping would have made the cost more than fifty.

  12. I had the pieces for this one but never saw it properly built. So cool. Thanks for sharing!!

  13. Losing weigh might help! If you’re incorporating exercise it will I’ll help even more. Especially if you slouch, if you strengthen your back and correct your posture it will take a lot of pressure off your stomach.

  14. Please don’t quit cold Turkey!! It’ll make you miserable with side effects. Taper off slowly under the supervision of your doctor.

  15. The gift with purchase is how the LEGO store buys my loyalty. That and the pick a brick wall. I do buy sets secondhand and discounted at other stores occasionally though.

  16. So how much iron would you recommend to me daily? Maybe divided? Is that info about dosing I wrote in my post correct? Should I take that vit C or is lemon juice enough? Should I take daily or every second coz I read somewhere that everyday with vit. C prevents some mechanism that helps u not overload iron.

  17. I’m definitely not an expert here but I’ve heard from a doc that 100 mg elemental iron a day is the recommended dose for anemia. You’re already doing that so I’d say stick with that and see if you get results in a few months.

  18. Jesper and Kaz are walking alone together. Kaz says something along the lines of “what did you find, Inej?” Inej suddenly falls into step with them totally freaking out Jesper but she just gets right down to business.

  19. There’s lots of great advice in the other comments. I’m wondering if you’ve gotten a good vibe from any of your other neighbours? Maybe you could ask them about your creepy neighbour?

  20. I stopped wearing make up when I realized every time I was struck by another woman’s beauty, the woman wasn’t wearing make up.

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