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  1. Ty. I understand why its for bio stats just a bit of a shock to be doing coding if u get me lol

  2. Did you Google it? I found the answer in a heartbeat, complete with instructions.

  3. You know why a common class consciousness does not form right now? Because people keep bringing any factor other than class into it. Our only enemy is the rich. Not men. Not white people. The rich people

  4. Could it be your mom or other family? They might see how the loss of your dog influenced you and try to give you some consolation this way?

  5. Good possibility. But me and mom were both close to mr jake. I asked her about it, she had no clue. All other family in england

  6. I always had this "philosophy" that the world doesn't really make any sense, it's basically a chaos that we're unwillingly put in, forced to overthink it and look for the patterns, because our brains are built this way. So if I see a coincidence or any other line of events that some people label as "a sign", I don't really feel happy or sad about. It's just a curious thing that some cosmic force has put in my way.

  7. Thank you. If you havent taken lsd you should. You speak as if you have had philosophical enlightenment from it. Matter of fact everyone should do lsd or shrooms atleast once

  8. It’s bacterial leaf spot. If the circles were perfect, it would most likely be a fungus, but with the irregular edges I have to say it’s bacterial.

  9. Grinder has nothing to do with how high you get. The thc content of the bud stays exactly the same no matter how much you grind

  10. Increased surface area means thc burns away faster getting you the tiniest bit less High dude

  11. Reposting videos of children being misinformed only to amass hundreds of people making fun of them is pathetic. You chose low hanging fruit.

  12. That's right if your schools don't teach the concept of climate change. I'm not intending this as derogatory to the girl but to show how easy brainwashing is

  13. The full plant cant be smoked. Spores have spread to the entire plant. Only use for the bud from this is edibles. Sorry to break the bad news

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