1. Crc wax no thanks I've learned my lesson on shit like that if it seems to good to be true it is

  2. Wait for it to reach room temp it's just water condensed on your wax from the fridge I use a fridge for all my concentrate and sometimes you will get a lil crackle from the mosture

  3. yeah it’s too late for that haha, but i’m going to leave it uncovered tomorrow to evaporate

  4. That should work honestly just put it in a container or in a Ziploc bag you'll avoid the mosture but get the benefits of the cold storage it's just water it's ok

  5. I promise I'm not a shill, but these guys are on the top of the concentrates game in OH. Nothing else hits as good and feels as smooth as their extracts. I just wish they would get into making carts.

  6. Absolutely there my favorite brand good prices for excellent concentrate try the problem child it smells like Stinky French cheese

  7. There the best bho/pho producers in the program just try it and tell it's not!!! I dare you

  8. Absolutely fake the car stamp proves it your in my my friend it black market at best probably fake

  9. For choices Columbia Care but it's preorder only and the time slots fill up fast it's not very convenient. For daily deals and value pure Ohio. 3rd would be harvest of beavercreek. But they have been messing up peoples cards and accounts. The old mad River remedies. Is way to expensive and not a good variety.

  10. I like Columbia hair but the fact that it's pre-order only and the wait times makes it super inconvenient they have a great selection and they have good sales. But I can never get a convenient pickup time. Maybe you're just having better luck than me.

  11. I agree on the pickup time but it is what it is harvest bevercreek is my new favorite

  12. I love it so much bro I have hit all my friends and cousins dab rigs and I can Honestly say I feel like I have the best rig it hit really good you can get big hit

  13. So I started seeing a psychiatrist right after I started and they gave me prescriptions for adhd and depression, I don’t know if those would flag it. I had to take a pre employment test and passed that but I failed this one

  14. Guess what Mann you going have to pass a piss test to get a new job unless it's McDonald's good luck I'd just quit smoking

  15. I hate to say it I wouldn't have told them you broke your finger and then you would still have your job if you would have waited till you got off to go to the ER you wouldn't have got drug tested honestly kinda your fault companies don't play when it comes to drugs in the work place I'd told them I broke it when I got home or on the way home

  16. I just grabbed an oz bag of rough cut Northern Lights and was very surprised at the quality. It ranged from smalls to a few 1gr buds all trimmed nicely. The machine trim knocks off quite a few surface trichomes but the great thing about Firelands is the amount of interior trichomes, they tend to have much more internal trichomes than any other grower I've tried. They cure isn't perfect and maybe slightly harsh but nothing to complain about, especially under $200/oz.

  17. Do you go around going I got this bag of d9 I'm sure you don't you just say hey look at this bud or whatever usually I've found that ppl who use the different Delta s like 8,10 use the delta more than any regular weed smoker you never say Mann this d9 is bomb you feel me

  18. Same for me!! I rarely smoke anything sativa even sativa dominant. I don't use caffiene on anything. It's an insomniacs kryptonite.

  19. Lol I love them. Indicas are cool but they knock me out

  20. Do sativas not make you fell a bit racy i like a good sativa as long as it dosent give me that werid kinda wired and paranoid high and make my heart raceing this dosent bother you?

  21. I will take that as a compliment! ha.. love golf and the polite claps!

  22. Sure is i was kinda spechless after reading your entry you really know your stuff hence the golf clap lol

  23. Just need a blazer the benzomatic is for base heads Holmes and propane torches burn hotter and will mess your quartz up quicker than a butane torch just go on Amazon you can get the classic black for 60 bucks brand new you will thank me

  24. Yeah absolutely light degrade s thc and converts it from thca to thc to cdn so I'd gett that shit outa the sun put it in your butter compartment to store it properly

  25. Yes plz!! Imo if you got a g of all sauce you could take them and mix them and I'd be even better

  26. Did you murder someone there? Where's the body? A squirrel dead in there?

  27. Holy shit I thought you were showing us how you were going to kill yourself OMG I'm so glad I read it before telling it's ok lmao 🤣😂

  28. Lmao hilarious people are calling you fiend for wanting to get high, ON THE DAB SUBREDDIT. Anyways, You could break them out and put the oil in some kind of sweet, distillate is usually decarbed and you’ll get a stronger edible high than some measly dab that will taste like ass

  29. talked about it a bit in other comments - cold starts only, very gentle with the heat. got a claim catch inline on the rig so i don’t have to fuck around with iso or water & evaporating that shit off

  30. Ok you have a claim catch that's how I thought you were getting that outa letting iso just evaporator nice 👍

  31. I am one of the ones who looks closely at packaging. Some packaging I see from other states looks like a pimp ad. I like a nice, clean look. Maybe that's just the "cannabis connoisseur" in me.

  32. I'm so glad when I started in the program back in December of 21 that this was the only jar I know I'm glad that different cultivator s worked out the kinks in there operations and packaging I know it's bad for the environment and we pay for the packaging but I really enjoy the legal packaging I never thought we would have that I'm 34 and in highschool the dream was a store were your bought bud and were here I love it dispite the hiccups and bumps in the program better than the street imo

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