1. Do you mean a video of yourself irl, a video of the game, or a pov camera you have attached to your headset?

  2. Bruxism is grinding of the teeth. Why do I have to play scrabble when I make disability claims?

  3. where? can you share a link or something?

  4. You rock bro! On a Monday you are starting fresh and have the best attitude! You look like you are about to start a marathon or go on a journey…

  5. I didn’t know Joe Rogan had a younger brother! Hey, can you leave some women for the rest of us?

  6. The pool area is fabulous! That's where most people are during the day. Sometimes there's live music too. The conversation pool is a great place to meet people.

  7. Omg we had a great time! We followed your guys advice and met an awesome couple! Thank you all so much! P.S. different from secrets Orlando.

  8. I'd be side-eyeing my VSO if they couldn't be bothered to Google proper terminology and spelling of my conditions.

  9. We did the write up in her office and she didn’t share her screen, she just wrote it up on her side of the desk

  10. Yeah I need to get on it. Did you just have to reach out to your congressman once to get them to move it along? My fear is that they will keep brushing it off & I’ll have to keep reaching out. This whole process is exhausting

  11. I know all about. Find your congressmens website or email on the congressional site and email them right now. Then call the wh line.

  12. Hi, this is a great project. I’ve used for Teams with Soldiers. I’ve got live feed to work with the go pro service but that’s just a work around.

  13. I used OTF to help my endurance for the spartan beast a few years ago. It helped so tremendously. There's nothing specific that says "you're ready", but the overall fitness level you get from going helps in all aspects.

  14. You could get a baseline from Spartan events, do the metrics for age, gender, weight and do you are ready splats!

  15. Owner here…you can wear anything you want, even a sports bra and tights…do you

  16. One guy at our studio often takes his shirt off mid class so I assume anything works 🤣

  17. Bam! Aight, Ima have to check that out. How do you wear it?

  18. Ah, okay, I'm thinking more along the lines of on my chest so I can watch grip, dip and mag changes during a pistol match. Not so much with the carbine.

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