1. Sorry, my point about changing his hair & yin was just a joke that yang as a concept is about being very decided and forceful, whereas yin is about being more go with the flow and accepting - ie, more likely to change with fashion! ...nothing about gender roles??

  2. It will be visible from the front, the area from armpit to armpit will create broadness in the chest. This is why you can have broad shoulders but no width, because it’s not at the shoulders. I think it’s very visible in some non-verified celebs like Jenna Coleman and Hayden Panettiere which is why no matter how much the subreddit wants them to be SG, I will insist on SN until Kibbe says otherwise.

  3. I'm surprised that this is still an argument. SN hands down. I still stand by what I said way back when this sub started, not only in regards to

  4. The short answer is that David’s work is a product like any other. You can go to the store and buy the brand-name product (or the off-brand version if you desire), or you can make it yourself using the recipe, but even if you follow his recipe to the best of your ability you can’t sell your version and call it his. You also can’t make up your own recipe and brand it as his. It’s his brand and his product, and not everyone will like it or need it, but it’s still his to do what he likes with it and I think that should be respected.

  5. Why am I a Venus in Leo, sun in cancer, sag rising and nobody else’s aesthetic vibes with mine? I like gothic aesthetic. All black and minimalistic. But also on the whole other side, hippy aesthetic also pleases me. I’m dead 🥴

  6. Me too! My Moon is in Scorpio though. I even created two Pinterest boards this year for Fall and Winter. One is romantic and gothic, not minimalist though with lots of lush and soft fabric and details like lace and velvet. The other is dreamy and bohemian with florals and long dresses.

  7. I'm thinking SG as well. I like that you're sharing lesser known actresses.

  8. Wow glad I came across you again to reread this. The Coquette sounds a lot like Zyla's Floral Spring/AT The Wholesome Flirt.

  9. I'm still a Winter. 😁 Spokes on a wheel describes what my eyes look like perfectly. Better than calling it a starburst, which sounds close to sunburst.

  10. I’m not too familiar with Zyla. I seem to recall reading he looked at the band around the iris to tell what a person’s version of black was. Or maybe it was their version of grey?

  11. In the book it's a person's version of black. Now I think it might be determined differently.

  12. That’s awesome. Many ppl don’t know that Texas Pete is from NC. As is cheerwine of course, and Pepsi.

  13. Kirsten Dunst played Marion Davies in The Cat’s Meow, i think she’s (unverified) SC. In any case, it was great casting and she’s good in the film.

  14. That is true. But at the same time I feel relieved that it was not only me who had problems with typing myself. I also thought of all these types - R, SC, SG. She is a bit difficult to be typed too. And it is so rare to find a celebrity who looks like me, a little round woman. Although I see my lookalikes quite regularly in reality, especially in Eastern Europe where I come from. But never here on Reddit or on tapatalk or in Facebook groups. Many of the women that I see irl might consider themselves some type of gamine, and look childish, unreliable or weird. So I hope that this post will also help other ladies who look like me or Ginnifer to understand themselves and find their style.

  15. I don’t have a good eye for clothes and style. While I may notice that someone looks nice - although I don’t know why, it is difficult to look at myself with «clean» eye. It is such a cringe to look at my old photos and my attempts of style :))

  16. You can always learn how to train it and learn how to have enlightened subjectivity, which is a huge part of Kibbe. Maybe try reading excerpts from the book or joining the FB group if you're so inclined?

  17. You beat me to it! I was considering making a psot about this too. I haven't participated in the recent trend yet. I took a little break and just decided to check back over here and noticed this trend.

  18. This is full circle then! I love that we are able to come back to this- because I do think Kibbe and Kitchener are great tools for communicating who we are, or the character we play in our everyday lives! I think that the body identification part seems to be the focus of the system when the body is just a part of the larger picture of the person’s essence, how they move, how they dress etc.

  19. Uma Thurman was perfect casting for that Percy Jackson movie, so I'm going to go with FN.

  20. DoFP had me believing that the X-Men film franchise could go toe-to-toe with the MCU.

  21. Not a book, but Die Hard made me crave Twinkies, and they turned out to be bitterly disappointing.

  22. I don't understand how Katy Perry is an SN. Her bust breaks past her silhouette, she has bottom curve, and I don't see width overtaking double curve?

  23. A bikini isn't going to tell you much about how clothes interact with her body.

  24. Well you also didn't style the bodycon dresses into an HTT as you did the outfit on the right.

  25. I'm up to level 6, though technically I still haven't completed level 4.

  26. Imma either be ignored or downvoted but I’m going to have to go with the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure fan base.

  27. I scrolled way too far to find this. I love that JJBA has gotten more popular compared to seven years ago when I first started watching it. But, now I don't even really like to tell anyone I watch it or any other anime or anything else really because people go overboard.

  28. I know this additional comment will get buried, but just to add validity to your comment/thesis. There is a brief scene where they run out of film and Antlers (the director) is requesting Angel to get more film. Peele focuses on the film tent/compartment, and when Angel unzips it he sticks both hands in like he is f*ngering a vagina, AND on top of that you see Angel’s face make an expression like you know you get when “in the heat of the moment” plus while making an audible moaning noise. This definitely reminds me/ low-key confirms the vagina analogy for me imo.

  29. Interesting angle, I was wondeirng why they zoomed in on Angel searching the bag at such a pivotal point in the movie.

  30. Yep my brother said that part and how Jean Jacket's insides reminded him of Tetsuo's transformation towards the end into that bloblike fetus before that.

  31. I guess in my mind I didn’t think of this as a typing post! 😅 I thought “no typing posts on the weekend” meant one couldn’t post themselves on here, didn’t know that included discussion/speculation about celebrities. My bad!

  32. Sorry I think I confused you. The no typing posts on the weekend is for people posting themselves. I'm now just seeing that particular flair is only available on weekends because of that rule, regardless of the type of post.

  33. I understand that, I just mentioned that I clarified that it was kibbe in a comment. On the weekends that’s the only flair available :)

  34. Yeah I saw, I'm just curious as to how you were still allowed to do a typing post on the weekend.

  35. Since you're considering SG and SN as well, read the descriptions for both Gamine and Natural and see how you feel. I finally read the Gamine description and something clicked. I've been going between SG and R myself since I came across Kibbe, and SN briefly.

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