1. mfs in the middle of the woods lmaooooo

  2. I can recall alot of thing even things from my child hood but there are things that I have probably forgotten

  3. I'm 18 and started at 11 but with in the 7 years of smoking I some how got a job that pays me enough to make any adult jealous

  4. Okay but sorry for telling u the scientific fact you are hurting your dog weather u like jt or not I use to love hot boxing with my cat till I realised its gonna kill him one day downvote me all u want it's science

  5. He shouldn't get munchies then it's caused by thc plus smoke is still bad in general but hey u do u just making sure u know the facts

  6. I can jump most fence with out making a noise I can tame any dog pick lock doors without making noise I'm light and quick on my feet so I make no noise running around if there are stairs I can climb railing to make no noise so just idk get security cameras I can't hack so that's the only way you will catch me

  7. I have the Lego death star and star destroyer from star wars still unopened couple hundred fro the both of them and if my brothers even dear touch them I'm 18 BTW to old for Lego's but the are my pride and joy so yea

  8. Was in year 9 when it happened had some kid in the same year that would give every one shit and I warned him that not to fuck with me... well one day he decides to come over to me and get up in my face I shove him back a little and ask him to go away he walks over to me and pushes me back but alot harder then I pushed him so I fall over I proceed to stand back up and say "that's it you c##t" I walk over to the kid and punch I'm as hard as I can in the gut two or so seconds after kid start to throw up every were and gets sent home hasn't picked on anyone since then

  9. How’d u manage to make a hole in the bottle without shattering it? Also, u should look on eBay for a good 20-30 dollar bong. I don’t want your lungs collapsing

  10. If you brought the contents of either pic to the function you’d immediately be sent packin

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