1. My heart goes out to you. This sounds very much like a condition called ME/CFS.

  2. Do a blood test at the doctors office. This could be anything from thyroid issues, vitamin d deficiency, mold exposure, electrolyte imbalance such as not getting enough sodium and potassium (the sodium potassium pump is responsible for 30 % of our energy) etc.

  3. Damn, thanks for such a detailed reply, it really helps! I'll definitely keep it all in mind when I will get to the doctor. Hope it's sth minor that can be easily solved. Thank you!

  4. You are not handling the fmt.Scanln errors and your program is terminating. You are entering a string into a float64 receiver and hitting a runtime error most likely. Check for the errors returned by Scanln and your issue can be better managed.

  5. Oh, I see. I actually don't get any errors, the program continues running and just treats string inputs and skipped inputs as zeros. So like it still solves the equation, but the roots are NaN

  6. Thanks everyone for your advice and support! I will contact the uni asap. Wish everyone all the best!

  7. Ukrainian here. As much as I hate to say, Russia invading Ukraine again is always very likely. Especially since they've recently been cumulating the troops right near the eastern boarders.... Eh, I hope it won't happen. I have acquaintances from the east who moved to other cities right in the midst of attacks in 2014-2015. It's no fun being scared to leave home knowing you can be shot anytime. Most of my acquaintances also lost their homes completely, like I mean they were destroyed, not just abandoned. So yeah, no fun.

  8. Just fyi that, I know this is intended to be helpful and I really don’t mean to overstep, but it’ll probably not be helpful to OP at all to think about why they believe this thought. It spirals into rumination and then further compulsive reassurance seeking.

  9. Yeah, you're absolutely right, it's just that sometimes it feels a bit suffocating. Thank you.

  10. Ugh, I just have these intrusive thoughts that other people carry a lot of harmful germs and diseases etc and unwillingly imagine how easily it all can spread. I know how HIV is spread, but I just get thousands of scenarious as of how my drink could be contaminated and end up thinking that now I'm contaminated too.

  11. Glow by Ramon on YouTube just released a good video showing some Korean sunscreens that tested at or above their listed SPF level.

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