1. And now Adams is 5 ft 9 and Weston is 6 ft 1 (or 6 ft depending on the source). Tyler stopped growing, and Weston kept it going.

  2. No, he wasn't. He had started against Gladbach on November 11th. Subbed on against Wolfsburg November 8th. Started and scored a goal against Bochum November 5th. He came into camp just fine, by his own accord.

  3. I realize that, but I've always heard that the maintenance of these tanks requires some heavily skilled US servicemen.

  4. Are these the same ones they tried to transfer in the weeks leading up to the invasion? The ones Germany denied them the ability to transfer at that time? Whatever they are, the more the better. But kind of wild if they’ve been made to wait/hold on to them all this time.

  5. Graham will say whatever he thinks people want to hear at any given moment. I’ve never seen somebody flip flop more. I guess he hopes it hides the things he’s done and will continue to do. Yet he’s still a MAGA/Putin enabler, insurrectionist, and all around snake. He’s an awful human. As a headline once put it: “how McCains spaniel became Trumps poodle.” And that’s how I’ll remember him. Trumps poodle. When America needed him most, he turned on us and folded like a cheap suitcase.

  6. Lindsey Graham is a snake. He was a pro-Trump, and pro-Putin, puppet when it fit him. Now he feigns outrage and acts like he's on the other side when it suits him better. It's who he is. A liar. A fraud. A conman. Don't come under his spell and believe the words out of his mouth, no matter how enticing they may sound. One minute he's on Putin's jock, the next he wants him assassinated. He just says stuff to say it and try to gain points in that moment.

  7. Greatest players of all time (Messi, Maradona, Cruyff, Pele) are all around 5'8". Even the tall greats like the Ronaldos, Bale, etc. are barely over 6 foot. Really the one outlier I can think of is Zlatlan who's like 6'4".

  8. I don’t know what you consider to be great, but Lewandowski and Benzema are 6 ft 1. Haaland is 6 ft 4. Zidane was 6 ft 1, and Henry 6 ft 2.

  9. First there are rumors and speculation of deliveries. Then one country delivers the first batch. As Russia prepares their response/threats another country announces their release. As Russia races to threaten both ... a third country announces theirs. By the time the largest shipment is announced, the Russian threats are all played out and tired. They've been softened to the reality that the systems are coming, and there's nothing they can do to stop it. Troops are usually already trained by then. Deliveries are made without any issues.

  10. It’s crazy how hard Elon works to prove that he is exactly what his detractors say he is. The man loves censorship. He just believes he alone should be the censor.

  11. Sadly not even the dumbest and/or most trivial thing out of that clowns mouth in the past month. I don’t watch Fox News and yet I know his likeness because he says dumb things regularly that finds my feeds.

  12. Dana White, MAGA, Russia … not surprised by this given the links that have been there all along.

  13. If he ends up playing for Bone Saws and his band of merry 9/11 coconspirators I will have to root against him in club play. I vote Arsenal, that would be solid. And, thankfully, all indications are that my vote is what matters.

  14. I’m fine with it. This lineup did well the first half against Wales. Gregg just has to be quicker with the subs tonight

  15. It is, because there’s a lot of contradictory information being reported. A lot of this is probably gamesmanship, though.

  16. He. Is. Not. Injured. Tightness is not an injury. The training staff hadn't advised he be held from the game. Berhalter said clearly here, it was a coaches decision.

  17. Gregg values possession over chance creation to a point that it really defangs our attack. We've got no teeth, man. That 2-0 WCQ loss to Canada where we had 64% possession and he said we "dominated Canada" sums up the problem. I prefer goals and winning to possession.

  18. Gio performs better when we have possession. Also he’s coming back from a knock. Why start a player that isn’t fully fit in a game where we’re going to be pressing and chasing shadows?

  19. Reyna started (for Dortmund) November 5th against Bochum (scored), subbed on November 8th against Wolfsburg, and started November 11th against Gladbach.

  20. Gregg specifically said he was dealing with tightness from the closed door friendly last Thursday. Meaning what Gio was doing before he came to camp is irrelevant. Gio obviously feels he’s okay enough to play so he’s going to say he’s good to go (as any player would) but Gregg didn’t want to take the chance given his history.

  21. If Gregg wasn't advised by the training staff to hold him out (so far no indication he was), and Gio himself was prepared to play (he was), then Gregg making a personal decision to hold him out of a key World Cup game due to his own interpretation of Gio's muscle tightness from days prior is a laughable reason for not getting him into that game.

  22. Berhalter and not taking any accountability for his dumbass decisions. A tale as old as nepotism

  23. Yeah. Classic Gregg. Brings me back to when we lost to Canada 2-0 in the January '22 WCQ and had to listen to him blab on about how dominant we were because we had maintained more possession against a counterattacking team who had just roasted us.

  24. Reyna started a game November 5th (scored), subbed on November 8th, and started November 11th. Hardly easing at this point.

  25. Played, on specific occasions, with entirely different squads than the one we have now.

  26. Starting lineup was good. Aaronson on was good. And then things went downhill. Those three subs made together at the 74th minute when up a goal ... I don't know. And is Gio hurt? How do you not get him out there to help relieve some pressure. He's one of our more comfortable players on the ball.

  27. Oh look a country with some testicles. Perhaps you can lend them to the Biden administration.

  28. The fuck are you talking about? Biden has sent billions upon billions of dollars in military aid while Israel has sat around playing tiddlywinks, refusing to send any vital aid ... even air defense technology that Ukraine asked for, and the U.S. approved Israel to send, was denied by Israel.

  29. Yeah, I mean a week or so ago he really suggested Ukraine stop liberating their land and let Russia regroup over the duration of the World Cup. Because, y'know, priorities. This is a man who speaks one language: money. He is morally bankrupt. And to make it more annoying, he seems to think he's fooling everybody.

  30. These are the same people (MAGA nuts) who want to now spend time investigating Hunter Biden — who’s not part of the Biden administration, nor ever was. The same fraudulent investigations Zelensky refused to launch years ago at Trumps behest. Y’know, the call Trump was impeached for blackmailing Zelensky over.

  31. Fuck FIFA, fuck Qatar, and moreover fuck Infantino's entirely corrupt ass for having the gall to actually suggest Ukraine halt their offensive and agree to a ceasefire for the duration of this tournament ... as if it is more important than them liberating their homeland and winning the genocidal war they've been forced into.

  32. Powerful photo. I'd say he has the thousand yard stare, but it's different. There's an inner rage and determination in that look – not so much resigned to the situation. I hope kids like this are able to see the light again one day. May they find meaning, happiness, and some peace of mind. I imagine it will take a good amount of time and effort to get there.

  33. I was predicting senate/house would both be under Republican control which would have meant the end for Ukrainian resistance. I'm quite happy now!

  34. Russian asset Elon Musk doesn't give a fuck about free speech – his actions prove as much.

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