1. Are you sleeping with them before making it official? Some scumbags love to lie just to get in your pants and then ditch when they feel full. Set clear intentions from the beginning and hold off on the intimacy.

  2. No your seeing if this specific person is a match you know what your looking for prior to the date

  3. If their guys ever leave them don't hang out with them and make them feel better since they are not doing the same for you. Act like your busy when they are blowing your phone up crying that's what I did haha. What's goes around comes around.

  4. My very first and only boyfriend when I was 15 he was 16, I didn't think he was cute at first then he grew on me and I cried for years when he dumped me haha

  5. QCarbo detox drink follow the instructions and get a few at home test. Worked for me twice.

  6. I had a guy used to tell me whether I was moist or not and I definitely was NOT and he kept insisting I was like how are you going to tell me how I feel?

  7. This is in just the matter of a day, you're saying he ghosted? And the fact you're so giddy about merely selling his shit already. Couldn't imagine why a guy would ghost you.......

  8. The same way he didn't have the decency to say he didn't want to talk anymore. It was just as simple.

  9. New Year's Eve was the worst for me. I was told that it was going to be me, my single friend, my single friends cousin and boyfriend (which I knew about), and the cousins roommate. We're all girls minus the boyfriend. We got an Airbnb and to my surprise the roommate brought her boyfriend. So me and my other single friend third wheeled the entire weekend and it was horrible. Wasn't even enough bed room so we 2 grown adults had to share a couch while they got beds with their boyfriends. I cried so hard when I went home and it made me so sad whenever I thought about it for a month. I didn't even go to my friends other Valentine's Day party because I was scared I was going to be in the same situation, it hurts watching everyone be picked except you.

  10. I mean you don't HAVE to pay but your probably going in the friend zone after

  11. I'm attractive and I still can't find anyone, dating scene is just hard right now

  12. 24, just going through the motions until my time of earth is up (hopefully sooner rather than later if I'm going to stay single the whole time)

  13. If you can make it through the holidays I think Valentine's Day is much easier

  14. Do not smoke anymore. Qcarbo32 or QCarbo extreme. It works used it twice. However your only clean for 2-3 hours so you have to plan accordingly.

  15. Literally, they are either aged adults or teens who are there by force. I grew up in church this is coming from first hand experience.

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