1. Was this training or something? It appeared as if no hurry at all was needed.

  2. They are *very* motivated to get these deployed and begin saving Ukrainian lives.

  3. Wow, simply clueless as to the realities of ruZZia. If he's so fond of it, he should go there.

  4. Even dogs want so much to be away from the ruZZians that they will chew off a paw to escape. Wow.

  5. This guy makes a guy of 58 with no actual military training want to go and stand shoulder to shoulder with those warriors. It will be such a target rich environment that even I could hardly miss.

  6. I think the Pentagon needs to learn more about Ukrainian dedication and resolve and get them the weapons they need to push ruZZia from the *entirety* of Ukraine.

  7. Apparently the ruZZians wanted to feel more at home. The evil that poo-tin has accomplished via his military is beyond my ability to grasp. So very much wrong.

  8. Nothing changed in more than 30 years. In eastern Germany there was a rhyme about Soviet army vehicles:

  9. Except the driver taking the video *did* pull over to the right and he was still hit head on! But yeah, I get your point.

  10. That looks like it might have hurt someone! (snerk) Provided they were not so cold or drunk as to feel anything. Darn fine shooting there drone warrior!

  11. I've actually been to Kalamazoo, back in the 1990s, for work. As I recall there was some sort of amusement park with roller coasters there (I didn't get to go, cuz it was winter time). So no offense to anywhere in Michigan intended!

  12. No offense taken! I moved here from Colorado decades ago and didn't know it actually existed until we drove past it. Thought it was a fictitious place my dad made up for one of his silly sayings.

  13. Running through enemy trenches while the enemy is still using them, balls of Ukranium these guys have.

  14. So that was the infamous regiment heading to Bakhmut we were told about yesterday (or the day before) Awesome that they are back in action!

  15. Really wish I could help somehow. It's got to be astoundingly difficult for kind hearted people to deal with the assault on family and friends that Iranians have been subjected to. Please hold on, you *do* make a difference.

  16. It's been two days since the earthquake hit and it's still a mess.

  17. Was it the people that turned down the help or the persons representing them? Or maybe regime persons just butting in and turning down help because they are monsters? I'm thinking it's not a simple refusal.

  18. Maybe this is a dumb question, but are socks still needed either for soldiers or in general? my gf loves knitting, and i might take up a new hobby if so lol

  19. Socks will *always* be needed, and hand knit socks are a blessing to the feet of whoever gets to wear them.

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